Contingency Contract Season #9 [Operation Deepness] General Discussion

last minute absolutely braindead r8 as i was not feeling today’s risks :ak_scene: i basically just threw phantom and jaye at things until they went away. shalem can handle unbuffed free on his own but i was already using gnosis for blindey/smarty control and threw steward in to make it go faster. silverash was just there for moral support :ak_kaltsitsip:


That was… stupidly easy… :ak_nianunimpressed:

The strat I used for Risk 10 and 15 worked all the way up to Risk 18 on the very first try. sure I had some Operators retreat and hasty redeployments but still… I expected more.


This CC has a lot of risks. You can go up to R33 week 1. In the past that’s been like a week 2 max risk number. It means you have a lot of choice on how to reach 18 so you don’t have to take anything too bad. I beat 18 before even unlocking any of the level 3 risks :fgo_gudako:


Yeah, I only actually counted the total after I did r18… which didn’t use any risk 3 contracts. Strangely high week 1 total, yeah.

Maybe if I get a day when I’m not mentally exhausted from work I might see how high I can push this CC. Not likely cause holiday season is always busy for me, but would be nice to try for higher.


CC9 Day 5 max risk
Now playing…
Action packed - 2 Goat Lady ft. Lil’ Forehead
Let me solo this lane… again - Mudrock

So many things happen at once :ak_lappdumb:
Glad that I still can play things smoothly.


Ugh. When you see double enemy hp and half ally attack you know it’s going to be a slog :ak_skadiannoyed:


ooooh. i didn’t realize there were more risks than normal but that probably explains why nobody managed max risk on the cn server. when i heard that i just thought “oh man it must be a hard one” :ak_lappdumb:


Day 2 max risk. :ak_talulahsmile:

Day 3 max risk. :ak_wcheese:

Other than Bagpipe, I see we brought the same vanguards. :fgo_ereshpeek:

I put my Texas and Zima where you put your Bagpipe to bottleneck those pesky ink paintings.

Ayo Risk 18 was pretty easy but fun with Irene + Angelina’s weight reduction to ignore all of the rocks’ damage. :ak_kaltsitlaugh:


CONGRATS! :fgo_ereshwoah:

Of course it does, that’s a HUGE accomplishment. :ak_wlaugh:

I hate this daily. I don’t understand how you’re supposed to deal with -50% attack. :fgo_brynsad: :fgo_meltangry:

This was my first time using Kafka! :ak_okaydokay:


Day 4 max risk… I used a guide. :skull:

I tried to recreate it for about an hour before I came up with the idea to use Shinning’s S3 (for the first time) and BOOM it worked. :ak_kaltsitlaugh: :ak_wlaugh: I had no idea it was so powerful. :fgo_ereshwoah: I’ll definitely need to e2 her soon. :fgo_nagaothink:

I don’t know if I could switch back to Liskarm’s S2 and it would of worked- I guess we’ll never know. :ak_laughinglappy:

This is far as I’ll take it in week 1:



CC9 Day 6 max risk
Yama-san kakkoii !

Wouldn’t make it without Ptilopsis aura.
Today’s risk wasn’t as hard as previous 2 days.


CC9 Day 6 max risk
I tried to put 9 ops in the first few runs, turns out Mud, GG and SA aren’t needed :ak_elysiumshrug:

I’m really satisfied with the last result.


Kazimierz only R20 on permanent map

This was indeed one of the easier perma CC; just crank up enemy damage and decrease your own health and you’re golden. Those risks don’t matter if you attack from range.

I think the problem with this map is how it gets easier by the end:

  • CC#6: All dirt mounds break and you’re now on a timer
  • CC#7: Chapter last boss later joined by those fast hard to block enemies
  • CC#8: 2 mid bosses attack simultaneously
  • CC#9: A few stragglers arrive after the bosses are already dead just to be slaughtered

more guard shenanigans! to be honest i mainly did silverash s2m3 for IS but he’s really paying me back for it this cc. i used it yesterday too (for a boring r8 that i only spent about 10 minutes on because i was busy and still remembered 80% of the map from last cc)

“tank” this “glass cannon” that. get a guy who can do both. get enciodes “720 atk 850 def/2200 atk 125 def” silverash

edit: added another risk on to today’s :ak_elysiumshrug:


The main problem with this one is the deployment limit’s so small and Kal’s fat arse is taking up almost half of it.


CC9 Day 7 max risk
Just deploy and destroy,
with so many limitations on the map, no wonder some clear on YouTube used more or less similar method.

Complete the ingredients and stir them up in one go.


Good points, I didn’t even think about that. :ak_okaydokay: :ak_talulahsmile:

Every CC (since my second one), there has always been a daily max risk that has stuck out to me as the hardest I’ve completed (for that particular CC).

Yesterday may have been that day.

The RNG in this run has ridiculous; I spent 2 and a half hours on it. I said a prayer the match before, telling Jesus, “JUST END IT!” Going into that fateful run, I said that this was my last run- it was past 1 AM and I needed to sleep, if this didn’t work I would do a quick risk 8 for the rewards and sleep.

I think the winning run ending up taking 15 minutes to complete. :ak_kaltsitlaugh:


CC 9 day7 R15. Damn, it was hard. Took me 20+ tries to find the right spots for all these healers and bringing thorns and horn, so i won’t die from boredom.


Havent posted my overall progress on this CC yet but here it is!:

So far all max risk dailies.

My current perma is Risk 23 but i may push further; That is if i don’t forget by the end of the season heh.


I just realized I posted two different clears of Sandsea Remnants :ak_kaltsitlaugh: