Continue with Enemy Phase Arthur or change build to make use of pref?

Currently mapping out my merge projects, and I finally came back this guy.

I was building him as a Hack-O’-Lantern tank, but literally a month into working on him his refine comes out. I don’t want to skip out on it cause it’s pretty darn good, but it feels more Player Phase and I don’t think being +Res is gonna help him out much. I’ve got a +Spd one sitting around, so it won’t be much of a hassle to give him his new Boon.

He’s hardly been built, so swapping over won’t be much of a loss.

So should I keep pursuing this or build him to use his Pref?

  • Keeping building defense
  • Get working on a new build for his Pref

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Well, I have him built with his preference weapon as a tank, as I LOVE tanks in any game.
Edit: Sorry, I’m a f***ing ■■■■■■. Go with preference, I change my vote. I’m sorry for my absolute ■■■■■■■■■■■ and will therefore go ahead and jump off of a bridge.

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But, hey, it’s all up to what you need or what you prefer to use.