Converting Razz Berries to Stardust

Assuming the end goal of using a normal Razz Berry is to gain stardust, is it more efficient to feed them to gym defenders (20 stardust per berry) or wild Pokemon? In other words, is the stardust-per-berry yield above or below 20 when feeding a random wild Pokemon encounter? I’ve provided a few clarifying points below:

  • Each Razz Berry would be paired with a curveball+great throw with a Great Ball.

  • Target Pokemon would have dark yellow to dark orange catch circles. Assume standard frequency of weather boost as well as second/third evolutions.

  • Pokeball scarcity is not a concern. I do not need to use Razz Berries to conserve Pokeballs.

  • I think decreasing flees is the primary source of stardust return from Razz Berries fed to wild encounters.

  • If I care about the rarity or candies of a Pokemon, I’ll use a Pinap, Silver Pinap, or Golden Razz Berry. And I have more than enough Nabnab berries for gym motivation maintenance and to fish for candies from gym defenders. That leaves my plain Razz Berries to be converted into stardust.

Lately I’ve been getting a good candy rate of return by feeding berries. My neighborhood has a lot of gyms in a 3 mile radius, so they are not competitive enough to ever really need Golden Razz, the value of those would tip it to a waste. I can use bagon candy, I don’t mind beldum candy, tyranitar candy is ok, I’m always in the market for chansey candy. Pokemon on that level I’ll feed regular berries to, things below that level I’ll keep some extra berries until my bag is filling.

A daily stardust issue for me is I’ve done 8000 trades, a lot to feed alts with higher level stuff, I usually get worse things back. I consider my berry feeding to be modest at 18000, but I mostly feed them to gyms rather than click the extra buttons while catching. A bag issue for me is I have 600 max revives…my bag storage is 1000! Playing free, using RC, keeping max revives

I don’t know about Razz Berries, but Nanab berries should be saved for the “Use 5” research task while we have it. I typically saved them exclusively for feeding gyms (10 berries, 200 dust, 20 dust per berry) but with Swalot being the encounter you get more for your berry buck (5 berries for 300 dust, 60 dust per berry).

If you can complete 3 of these at the same time you get 900 dust for 5 berries, or 180 dust per berry. Under a star piece the three encounters net a sum of 1350 dust, or 270 dust per berry - more than one Pokemon alone yields from a gym!


The catch circle color now changes after a wild encounter is fed a Razz Berry.

I assume that you would not waste your Razz Berries on easy-to-catch (green even with standard Pokeball) wild encounters?

Your time matters.

Even if the wild Pokemon does not flee, catching it on your fifth throw takes up more time than catching it on your two throws. This is partly offset by the extra time taken to feed Razz Berries to the wild Pokemon.

If you live in an area where wild Pokemon appear faster than you can catch them at normal walking speed, the three throws could be used on easier wild encounters.

How much time does it take to travel to the nearest gym that belongs to your team so you can feed 60 berries for 1200 dust?

This is a very good point I never even considered. In most cases I’ve been tossing non-shiny research encounters in favor of straight stardust rewards, but I didn’t factor in higher yealds for evolved mons.

To answer the OPs question, it is a bit hard to pin this down to a solid number. I myself have an abundance of golden razz so I use them mainly on catches since they give a greater increase to catch rate but yield the same stardust as standard barries when fed in gyms

I think the math would be more complicated than I would bother with - but I don’t imagine it being close. Feed the razz berries to the gym.

How often do wild pokemon really run? And how much time does it take to feed a berry?
I often just a quick pokeball curve ball (on average hits a great) and catch most of the stuff I run in to. If it’s something that is generally harder to catch I’ll switch to a great or ultra ball on that first throw. If I happen to have a razz berry around and encounter something really tough to catch then I’ll use it.

Otherwise though - don’t have the bag space. I’m actually throwing away Razz and Nanab more often than feeding them since I’m not always beside an allied gym. So definitely feeding them ANY chance I get as it’s more likely I’ll throw it away than actually use it.


Ooh this is a clever use for nabnabs. Using berries to get research encounters is an interesting wrinkle in the stardust value of berries.

The time saved and made available for other catches is a valid point. And I can almost always liquidate as many berries as I want to at gyms.

I’m coming around to the idea of just feeding gym defenders. I’m probably not avoiding many flees, so not wasting time with berries and taking the guaranteed 20 is a good value (unless berries earn me a stardusty research encounter). Bag space is relaxing too.

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What I’m doing is stacking any of these research for whenever we get the next big stardust event, which would either be August community day or the reward week after Ge Fest Yokohama. Triple catch dust + star piece = 1350 per catch. I had a nice little bump of success doing this on Torchic Community Day thanks to the abundance of “Catch a Flareon” tasks during the Detective Pikachu event preceding CD.