Convince me not to do something stupid

I like egg. Egg has +10 Dmg.
Spurn has +5 Dmg and Dmg Reduction.

Now convince my OCD monkey mind I don’t actually need that +5 Dmg for this to work.


i already have repel


Probably wouldn’t do Astra, but I don’t see anything wrong with it, especially if you don’t have anyone else to give Spurn too (especially considering ranged units can’t learn damage reduction skills).

Is it a waste? Probably, but…

What is a waste.


Giving a unit that has damage reduction a damage reduction skill.

My Hinata has 36 visible speed with a speed refine and I gave him spurn. I believe that you wouldn’t be doing anything more stupid than that.

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Because there are better specials.

Shorter charges are better with true special damage.

You mean since he already has Repel.



Because IS made better specials.

I think you see a trend in my building.

Maybe not the Brazen, that’s left over.


Astra often times is just overkill or does little. Most units that would tank him still tank Astra, but have harder time with other specials. Plus Astra has an additional 2 cool down compared to Glimmer.

Astra really feels like either a win-more special or do nothing special in a lot of instances. It’s cool for doing crazy high damage number shenanigans but practical use doesn’t seem all that useful.


You left out the rest of the skillset. It sounds a lot more dumb when you say “just 36 Spd”. That’s basically 10 Spd, since it’s really easy to activate, and jumps past 50.

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Astra is really irrevelant. This is simply about Spurn.

I said visible speed

I was more responding to the conversation about specials, kinda elaborating on what Krazytre was saying.

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It still doesn’t work like that, because this game constantly uses “invisible” stats and buffs nowadays. My Charlotte has like 38-40 visible Def (not counting Oath buff), but then she jumps onto 60.

Uh that Karel is nasty
I wish I couldve gotten Karel


I think their point is that there are better units for damage reduction skills that has much higher base speed, but they chose Hinata.


I tried to use him in Arena but other sword units were just faster, but he could hold his own. I’m going to try to finish him on the next revival, otherwise it will take twice as long than it used to.
No one builds him but I think he’s cool.