Coolest FE Weapon?


What are the coolest weapons to you in all of Fire Emblem? It could be based off their design, functions, name, etc.

I’m gonna have to say Zephiel’s Eckesachs for me, at least in Binding Blade. The design of it is neat, but once you see his attack animation, you realize that his sword is INSANE.

(Skip to 0:15 to see his sword in action.)

Tell me your favorite weapons below! Thanks!




Heh, well mines obvious. Mani Katti/Sol Katti. Specifically for the animations. Because Mani Katti looks like a normal ass katana lol.

But seriously dude, Lyn looks so badass in FE7. Omg

… I miss the GBA animations…


Hector’s armads animation is just :heart_eyes:


He made Cecilia look like a whole ass fool

I love the eckesachs but I also really like the Sword of Seals too


I gotta say I love the animation for the dark spells, specifically apocalypse and Naglfar if we’re talking about the GBA games. But across all games I really love the thief/assassins in Radiant Dawn. I love how nimble they are and how they attack. So damn cool. There’s a lot of cool animations, it’s really hard to pick.


Mage crit animation in the gba series, also Ryomas crits animation with his Raijinto.


Frying Pan from Fates. Best weapon for my Hero!Corrin now Vanguard!Corrin
I also managed to +7 it


You face the Gae Bolg!


I love mage crit animation too! There are so cool :ok_hand: unless one of these hoes make a 1% crit on Franz :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In general the FE4 weapons are pretty cool.
Mystletainn is also very cool.


Yes Franz is precious,I actually still used Franz even though Seth was really good. Never used Kyle or forde because of this tho.


I didn’t use Seth since he’s too strong
I did not reach the point where I can use Kyle and Forde (besides the first gaiden chapter) because of that crit on Franz xD


Probably the Omega Yato, it literally looks like a chainsaw on fire.


Which is exactly the reason I absolutely dislike the weapon. Imo it doesn’t look like it belongs in a Fire Emblem game.

I like Mysteltainn, Gradivus and Alms Royal Sword.


It kinda does look odd. But the Siegmund and Sieglinde are such beautiful weapons.


The Awakening Armads is hideous and I love it


Yato is the best! In Fates you don’t even have to have it equipped to get the stat boosts. The Omaga Yato’s +4 to Str, Spd, Def & Res with out having to equip the sword is fantastic!


I also fuck with Aurelia too tbh