Corrin support build for B!Hector

What’s a good build for Corrin supporting B!Hector in Light? I just lost 2 games with Donnel+Corrin so I think it’s time to switch to my +0 B!Hector.


My current builds:

Also, is swap or pivot better for Hector?


I’m not the guy you’re looking for, but this looks solid. Atk/Def link makes sense on MCorrin since you want him to buff himself and keep up with B!Hector’s Atk/Def. Also seems to soak every shrine and chill without problem too.

It looks like you’re opting for more one-shots than trying QR+Maltet to break through impact skills, so perhaps you should go for Def Smoke on B!Hector? The debuff game from Mila and Eir with ploys and Temari should be noted.

As for the movement skill… I remember Ndolger running Pivot on his armors a lot to get out of sticky situations when needed and increase mobility significantly, but other B!Hector + MCorrin users should be able to answer that better.


Hector negates debuffs, so does Corrin even need to worry about soaking chills? I just had Fort. Def/Res 3 on him for supporting Donnel.

Also, do you think it’s worth pulling for another copy of Hector on this banner? I think it’s not worth it because he works just fine already.


Revival banners are relatively cheap for a single copy:


Probably expecting a pretty good chance of him at 150 orbs. You don’t have to change what isn’t working, but every first merge is always heavily appreciated.

And you don’t really have to soak the chills off of the Hector, it might save his life if he’s under 25% HP though. Kinda unlikely, but… what else would you put for an A-slot for MCorrin anyway? The only other thing I see with MCorrin would be a pulse tie to make you run an HP/x skill (which I don’t think is necessary… I think.) but other than that, not much else.


Whelp. I spent 450 orbs and got 1 brave dimitri. That sucked.




That’s… beyond 99th percentile already… ouch…


This has never happened to me before. At least I will learn to better deal with tragedy from this experience lol.


For my light season set up, my corrin has a link and 2 tactics. I also run a triple mythic team, 2 Eir and 1 Pheony. So hector can actually appreciate the speed buffs. Most people will probably want a bonus unit instead, for better score. My hector isn’t summoner supported at the moment, so yours should make up for the stats with that a bit.

I give corrin shove, pretty obvious there. Activates the link and puts Hector in range of the Yato buffs. I’ve always had Swap on my tanks, but with hector I had pivot. But I actually just changed it to smite. The entire time he’s had pivot, I never used it once. Guess it just doesn’t fit my play style. Shove/smite on hector can potentially help him still active Corrins link while not forcing you forward. It could also help get other allies out of a threatening range.

My Astra hector is a bit different. He is also just a +1 but he’s +Atk. He’s brand new so I only used him once. He has the same build as the other hector. His team build is corrin/altina/naga/bonus unit. Since we don’t eir, I am going to use Opening skills on my support. Altina with Atk opening, then the Askr trio each with def opening. Corrin has speed/res link and drive attk C + Seal. This team isn’t thoroughly tested yet.

Hector obviously doesn’t worry about debuffs like you said. Tho panic will still remove his visual buffs, hasn’t been a problem for me yet but something to be weary of.


That’s terrible with your summons, I though I had a bad run with 2 Hectors in 500 orbs.


I’m still not over it. It’ll probably take me weeks to fully recover. I think drives are better than tactics because you’ll end up with at least +3 to your visible stats with Peony’s dance. I’m thinking Atk/res link on Corrin might be a little better than atk/def link to deal with AoEs.

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Yeah I’m sure either will suffice, I just like the full +6 but it may be overkill.

Do you have a ruse for Corrin? I run my Corrin with a dual rally+, fury 3 (want 4), Def/Res ruse, and I had double distant guard on him. You should also support Hector and Corrin. The ruse helps prevent specials. Either that or pulse tie to remove ready Ophelia’s.

I could give him def/res ruse, but I’d rather have shove for positioning. Also, I want to give def/res ruse and a rally to Anna from Annette.

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Sounds like you’ve got it figured out. :)

Ruse isn’t a terrible idea for the debuff, but the guard effect is already taken care of with special fighter. Assuming he stays in the HP range anyway. Shove is extremely helpful for positioning in my experience.

By the way, Hector absolutely does not need merges to do well. He’s the most brain dead unit I’ve ever tanked with.

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I’ve been preaching it for weeks, maybe months lol. He does not disappoint. There aren’t really any meta green units right now to counter him. I expect someone to come up with a solution with him, if more people start using him.