Cost and rewards of the Rocket research

With the recurring research each month and the investment in stardust it takes, I want to know the exact cost.

Help me correct the list if I’m missing something.

3 Grunts = +1500 dust
Reward= + 500
Catch 3 shadow mons= +300

15 purifications= -(7000+24000 dust)
( I calculate 7x1000 dust purifications + 8×3000 )
5 Raids ( I do not count the stardust since I don’t do them for the research and would actually receive the dust anyway because I always do raids)

Reward= + 1000

3 great league pvp fights=+ 1500 dust
6 grunts=+ 3000
catch 6 shadow mons= +600
Reward=+ 1500

Win against 3 Leaders= + 3000 dust+ 9000 (6×3 battles against grunts)
catch 3+18 mons= +2100
Reward=+ 2000

Beat the boss =+ 2500 dust
Reward =+ 3000 dust
catch the pokémon= +100

(Optional cost: purifying all the mons and the legendary.
30x 3000 or 5000 + 20000= from 110000 to 175000)
Total dust spent= 31000
Total dust gained= 28400

Net rewards= +2600 dust (-110400/-172400)

  • 3 rare candy +3 silver pinaps

My conclusion is: from a Stardust perspective it is not worth doing. But the total cost is rather small. Depending on how you count, you can add the raid dust reward or not count the purifications when you just want to gain stardust and not invest any in purifications ( and not complete the research).

What is missing is stardust gained through catching shadow pokémon. I assume you get some, but I never paid attention.

Is the research worth doing for you?

From stardust it´s not worth it. You forget the dust you have to spend to power up some pokemon (or give them second moves) just to fight the grunts - most people don´t do PVP-

From time invested it´s not worth it. Raiding the same amount of time gives much better rewards.

From the potions/revives it´s not worth it.

From the quality of the reward, that is a mon you already have with really low IVs that is only worth for collectible purposes… well I guess depends in your style.

From the fun? well some people will like the challenge of the grunts, others will find them tedious and repetitive.

I personally did a couple of grunts, found them ok but don´t have the time to look for zubats and the rest.

Do people spend for that? I found that the right choice of Pokémon rather than powering anything is key.

It depends of what you have. If you started playing in 2016 and you have a few of everything they´re a piece of cake. If you have an alt who started this summer who concentrated on raids mainly it gets tricky unless you spend some dust/candies.

You have mistakes in your calculation. Dust rewards for Rocket leaders is 1000 per fight and Giovanni gives 5000 dust.

Thanks, fixed.

The dust rewards should be better for all of these except maybe grunts. I saved about 7 zubats/golbats to purify for this month because i knew i’d need them. Only way im purifying anything is if it’s 1k or a really good IV shadow pokemon.


lol I want an IV floor for giovanni’s shadow legendary. mine was 20% iv which is terrible. Raid bosses have a floor of like 10/10/10 and even if you correct it with purified’s +2 then the floor would be 8/8/8 which is not good but not as bad as 0,4,5.

The whole rocket research, the reduce of candies on t5 and the “events” that supposed give more potions etc., are all parts of a conspiracy for players to spend their potions and revives massively and spend coins for them!!!

Well in my case they are doing something wrong, I keep deleting them frtom my inventory not spending coins on them :wink:


Lucky you. I haven’t caught (or really, even battled) a single 1000 stardust Shadow Pokemon in weeks.

But then, even if I did, the overall cost in game as well as out of game (them time and effort to go out and find Team Rocket Grunts - not an easy thing to do) utterly outweighs the “reward” of a Purified Legendary Bird.

Speaking of that bird, is it a “guaranteed catch”, like a Research Reward, or is it a “You only have X balls, good luck!” catch, like a normal Shadow Pokemon? Also, is the IV range the same, so I could technically catch a 0% Shadow Legendary, or is the IV range boosted like with a Raid Boss/Research Task reward?

Remember if you don’t buy rocket radars, each grunt you took to get a rocket radar is worth 3000. So it’s actually 9000 + 3000 for stage 4.

I refuse to purposely try to finish the Rockets research, for me it is not worth it. But i am not a shiny hunter so i understand if people trying to get the shiny variants from the research rewards.
Finally only the final beat Giovani that i need to finish, yes i missed that Articuno and that dont bother me. If i find him then ok i’ll fight him, but i dont want to go to different area to find him only to found grunt.
Battling the leader is not satisfying also, they all are easy
Make they not always using the same pokemon as lead, random shield not using it every time we attack wihh charge move, no 3 second paused.
Then it will be interesting

I do have to gripe and say, yes you do get stardust from catching the shadow mons. Standard 100 stardust for unevolved forms, which may alter your final count. Also all shadow mons can be saved for the next months 15 purification step.

All in all I enjoy the rocket research and will continue to complete as long as I can do raids, the only roadblock for me. To be honest I was about to slow way down on playing before rocket battles were introduced. Ya after the first couple battles they aren’t challenging but it dowsnt have to be challenging to be fun. Last month I had loss after loss against the team leaders, but now I have some good teams together and hope to roll right through those guys. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna enjoy it.

Then you could ask yourself is anything worth doing from a stardust perspective?

Are raids worth doing you only get 1K dust but need to invest serveral 100K dust if you aren’t in large raid groups…

Is PVP worth doing you need XXX K dust to have the best teams…

No from stardust perspective the only real winner would be catching/hatching pokemon the rest costs more then it gives you (atleast in my case).

So I enjoy the quest (for now) and that is the only real winner (for me)

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I don’t have to ask myself that, because that is stuff I want to do so spending for it doesn’t bother me

I’m figuring I will do the quest one more time, but just keep the super radar and not do Giovanni. That way I can keep farming decoys for dust, shadow mon, and whatever other rewards they may drop, if any. Purifying mon, I have no interest in developing, is just as stupid and boring as cracking a special egg and spending half an hour evolving pidgies. I already have a maxed out zapdos with a legacy fast move, and lucky. So, I’m not interested in developing another. So, the prize that the purify chore unlocks is stupid and boring, too.

That said, I do like battling rocket stops. (That’s why I want to keep the super radar, so I can do more.) Some are actually challenging, and they give decent amounts of dust for a couple minutes of interaction.

I do care about dust, enough that I don’t want to squander it on stuff I don’t want.

So if you like doing something in the game you spend the dust that is needed without any bother?

If that is true I would have to conclude that you do not like doing this quest, but why make this post if you do not like this quest in the game. If all the people that did not like doing something in the game would post about it you only would get negative posts, wouldn’t it be better to post about the things you like instead of dislike?

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I just need to do 3 more grunts, then beat Arlo (again, yes I can beat Arlo) to get the Giovanni radar… I might actually keep that radar to battle decoys because I do like 100 fishing, even though they are almost always worthless when they get return. It is not gonna rain here, so no “boosted IV” shadow Zapdos.

I rushed to catch Articuno while it was windy…shadow was 9/5/13 (have a maxed 100 Articuno already). Near XMAS I’ll get the Zapdos, I’m near a college campus but no parking pass there…nice when there is a college break and I can freely, walk/park drive to more rocket battle stops.

Near 400 on the rocket battles, inching closer to 1000 is okay…my 5 year has a level 38 account that is “his”. He likes to do them and the Rocket angle has gotten him into the Netflix cartoon. Enough so that he really liked the Kanto raid event yesterday. Pokemon Go has never had his attention for 2.5 plus hours before…the rockets between walking to the raids helped that…he has a maxed Mewtwo, Dialga, Shiny Outrage Dragonite, Ttar, Latios, Gira-O…so generalist beating grunts is interesting (+successful) for him

***Really I think the whole operation’s ultimate strategy is to get me to buy my son (+me) a Nintendo Switch and Pokemon games…I’m about halfway there, my kid doesn’t have the fine motor handskills to play almost any other game but watching the 2D looking Let’s Go gameplay, he might be good enough at it to like it