Costs to power-up purified pokemon


Just wondering if anyone out there has experience with the candy costs to power-up purified pokemon. Game states there is a 10% reduction in candy and stardust cost. WIth the dust this is easy to calculate - the 4000 dust cost for a power-up at level 25 is reduced to 3600. But what about candy? The regular cost of 3 candy reduced by 10% is 2.7, which rounds up to 3. So it would seem to me that we might see a candy reduction when the cost gets to 5 or 6, depending on the rounding. If not, we’d have to wait until level 35 when the candy cost reaches 10 to get a reduction of 1 in the cost. What that would mean is that the 10% savings only really applies to high level power-ups, evolving, and buying a second move.

Anyone done this, or have purified pokemon at levels 29 and up to look at the actual costs with the reduction? Any info appreciated.

My level 30 charmeleon requires 4,500 dust and 4 candies to power up

This site factors in Purified, Lucky, and Shadow costs for both candy and stardust.

OK. That implies that there is no savings at level 30 (or, presumably, at levels lower than 30). I would assume (pending verification) that the normal cost of 6 candy at level 31 would be reduced to 5, since 6 - 10% = 5.4, which should round down. Anyone able to confirm that? I’m not powering up my purified lucky Larvitar until I hear that Smack Down will be available.

Candy costs are rounded down, correct. Just plug it into the calculator I posted and it will tell you the cost for whatever level you are trying to hit.

Just tried it for a purified larvitar and it had no candy reduction. 15 candy to go from 39 to 39.5 and again from 39.5 to 40. So not very helpful, or even correct, for the case I’m interested in.