Could you help me making a team?

Hey there.
I used a Fusion Warrior Team for a long time and I’d like to try something new.
Something with my legends limited goku and vegeto would be nice


Hi @MrMu, I noticed that you wanted to build a team revolving around your legends limited goku and vegito. I got just the team for you.

Core: ~1~ [SP] Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta - the red one, ~2~ [SP] Super (Saiyan) Vegito - the purple one,
~3 ~[SP] (Legends Limited) Angry Goku - the blue one

Bench: ~4~ [EX] Raditz - the blue one, ~5~ [SP] Super Saiyan Kid (GT) Goku - the green one,

and your choice of either ~6~ [SP] Super Saiyan Goku - the red one, [SP] Fasha - the red one, [SP] Super Saiyan 3 Goku - the purple one, and [SP] Super Saiyan (GT) Vegeta - the yellow one


Core: Angry Goku, Super Vegito, SSJ4 Vegeta
Bench: Shallott (can be subbed into core), ex Raditz, SSJ GT Goku

Well I try it, but I think I stay with my Fusion team. The ability bonus is so much higher…

Can someone please help me Im lost in how to make a team?

Show your SP and EX’s