Countdown to Summer


It’s almost here - the most wonderful time of the year!

N- No, not Christmas. I’m talking about the annually Summer Events!!
Only 1 Rerun-Event, 1 new Event, 1 new LB Chapter and (maybe???) 1 Murder Case are parting us from this blissful time, where lots of players throw hundreds and thousands of those precious Saint Quartz into the sea (of salt).

Now what exactly is this thread about?

Well, basically it’s exactly as the title says.
Based on all the information we have from JP, I assume the Rerun of Summer 2 will start around mid July. Which is 10 weeks from now. So basically I’m just posting a comment once every week to show how many weeks are left.
Of course, there are many factors that are pretty vague, since technically we shouldn’t exactly follow JP’s schedule this time.
I put the following in a spoiler, because it turned out pretty lengthy.

Assumption on NA's Schedule

LB2 got released inbetween both Summer Events and led to JP’s Anniversary and the long awaited arrival of Skadi.
Now NA’s Anniversaries have always been in mid June. And tbh, I doubt they will break this tradition and follow JP’s schedule just for the sake of it.
That’s why I think by the end or even after GudaGuda 2, we’ll get the Sherlock event alongside the DL Campaign and the Hunting Quest.
After that they should drop the Extella LINK Quest. Because even though this was tied to the release of the game in JP, we should get it as well, because for one thing the Mystic Code “Memories of the Lunar Sea” gets added during this “Event” (prepare for a dead week).
And after that would usually come GudaGuda 3. Which I think won’t be the case, because at this time, they should drop LB 2, so we can actually have Skadi for NA’s Anniversary. And before anyone asks or doesn’t know yet: Yes, we need LB 2 before the Anniversary, because not only is Skadi part of the story of LB 2, she also need’s the new Materials that come with it.

Now after the Anniversary should come GudaGuda 3 followed by Summer 2 Rerun.

Anyway, we should have clarity by no later than end of May/beginning of June. If LB 2 doesn’t drop by then, it’s safe to say we won’t have Skadi early.

So I’m either on point with my assumptions or I completely screwed up. Doesn’t matter, honestly. Come what may.

Now let me explain the purpose of this thread:
Each week features one of Summer Servants from Summer 1.
Their time is basically over and aside from DL Campaigns, we won’t see them again. That’s why I’d like to put them in the limelight one last time.

The general idea is to share some Fanarts of the Servant. But you can also contribute to this thread otherwise. Do you have the Servant in question in your Chaldea? Maybe even grailed or max bonded? Anyways, take a screenshot and share them with us.
Or let’s just generally talk about the Summer Events inbetween the beautiful artworks of the featured Servant.
This thread shall give a true feeling of Summer and Vacation.

Now, without further ado! The Servant featured in this week is:


My time has come.

One for each Ascension


My kryptonite is a girl with a ponytail

I can’t believe she’s not max bond yet considering she is pretty good.



Here i go !


Cries in no Archuria :fgo_jeannu:




Just when I think you’re gone for good, you make a grand appearance.

I don’t have Archer Artoria, but she’s never disappointed every time I’ve borrowed her as support. Two summers later and she still stands as one of the best.


Pro: she comes after Skadi and summer, so we get a lot of Sqz for free

Cons: she comes after Skadi and summer, so probably i will have already spent a lot of said free qz for mhxx

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Hah! Trust me I thought so too.
I never thought I’d ever need a break from FGO… but it sure as hell did happen.
But quitting is not an option when Jalter Berserker is so close!
QP are ready! Mats are ready! Just need to save another 327 embers and 3 Grails! Nothing stands between me and Lv. 100 10/10/10 Summer Jalter!

So yeah, I’m back! And I’m here to bring you sexy Arturia:


Cries in no summer 1 servant at all except Scathach


Current state, sad as it is. While I do hold out hope that more of the gang gets added to a rate-up here and there in JP, I’ll settle for one more NP-lvl for these lovelies in the upcoming one

They received fou-stacks from current shop just now. 1st sprite in use since Anne looks the most :fgo_ereshlove: that way, yet the pure bliss of the two in the FA is just too good to not put up. If you are wondering about the lowish bond-lvl, I only got around to raising Anne a couple months ago and am in the process of clearing bonds of others. Skill-lvls are held back by the asking price for chains, I am currently in the process of clearing Queen Sheba’s needs in that regard. Despite that, Anne is just a lot of fun to watch kicking arse as is, enough so that I may grail her to 90 some time in the future.

In an ideal world, I’d just go right on ahead and NP5 them next rate-up along with the other 2 4-star. Budget being an actual concern, I’ll settle for Anne’s NP2, however, since she’s the only summer 4-star not above NP1.


I do not particularly like Anne summer, i mean…
Yes, i like yuri pirates, but not enough for me to try and raisec their np level.

I will instead set to raise kiyo lancer np level.

Np2 is low, she deserves 3.

I wont even consider Tama Shark.
Considering how hard it was pulling her last year, i know that the chances of her spooking me while rolling for Kiyo are less then zero.

Still, even at np1 she is nice.
I am satisfied for what u have.
No point in being greedy and hope for a np2: garcha will see to that. It will make sure that she remain np1.

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Glad i’m not the only one planning for that, between Summer Jalter and Jeanne Archer i’ll be out of grails by the time summer ends.


Got my Squirtle this NY guaranteed draw (along with Jalter and a Kscope). Exactly who I was aiming for, with Jalter as a runner up, consolation draw. So a triple jackpot.

No grails given yet cos my priority isn’t hand farming right now, but she’s receiving my current gold fous.

Since the DL campaign is likely the last 1 I’ll draw on for the foreseeable future (after a long line of wallet breakers like Tama Shark, CasUmu, Malter… Skadi…), I’ll try NP2 her if I have any spare resources. At this point, as much as I want Tama Shark… I’m willing to gamble for her in the future guaranteed gachas.


rolled for Archuria, got spooked by Arjuna

Life’s a box of chocolates, I guess.


Same here too. After seeing my lvl 100 Summer Jalter wreck almost everything in her path in JP I’d feel bad not doing the same for her once she hits in NA.

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You honestly have no idea how worried I was that the summer rerun would come first

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I’m at least planning to grail her to 90.

Well, one week is over… and it’s been lots of farming to say the least. In NA, as well as in JP.
And at this point, I’m really curious to see what’s to come next on both servers.

Anyway, this week we bid farewell to our big sis Saint Martha:

** Yeah, not really farewell, because aside from the DL Campaign after Summer 3, we will see Ruler Martha again during this years Christmas Event, alongside Booty-Lancer.


It could be because I don’t follow Jp, but Martha seems to go unappreciated and has a lot of potential (or maybe my memory is bad and she has had a lot of screen time). I remember her being grouped with the Dragon Slaying crew and the Lonely Drunk Christmas crew, but has she interacted with Jeanne or Shirou?

Combined with her Jojo references and Tiffa like style I’d think you’d see more of her. She’s not a fav of mine, but I always found her animations and personality to be pretty cool. Then again maybe all her fans pray in silence and reverence to their lord and savior, Muda Muda Ruler.