Counter:Side #1 Please change strategy battles back

Lets use this instead for our Counter:Side Stuff! @LeiCiel @Yunchii @Ark_9

My phone can’t load in before battle starts and by the time I even see the screen, enemies are already fully deployed and in my face. WHY ISN’T THE DEFAULT AUTO ON?!?!?!?

EDIT: Changed to other games !




Yeah, I am largely resorting for fishing for “freebie” wins most of the time, at least until I climb the ladder to Challenger. Thankfully there are still some people running level 1 defense teams. And so many people are running 2 ASSRs its annoying.

With that said, shouldn’t this thread go to “Other Games” section?

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You’re right I’ve changed it!


I’ve barely fought other players since the update. :fgo_gudako:

I’ve just been farming gauntlet points by fighting the NPCs. But yeah, I’ve had it happen twice now where it took too long to load that my ship was getting battered by the time I’m in so I have to rush tapping on ‘Auto’ to save the ship.

Most teams even in Platinum are full defense teams already, so finding someone with a freebie defense is hard. I look and refresh if I feel like it but I’ve only found two so far. Out of thousands of players. :catlie:


Another reason to hate this new system.

Since it defaults to manual when you do a run, ALL combat modes become manual. I lost a dive battle cause of it. Found a dive, started it, the auto-battle is on, it goes to a node and starts a fight, and then I lose cause the in-battle auto is turned off. :catslam:

Some slightly good news on this part is that they just announced the Steam release of CS.

Probably the only issue I have that might stop me from linking my account to Steam on PC is that I don’t think the steam client will allow the game to have in-game ads. So no free 5k eternium, and no free storage/management slot increase.


Oof, once we linked it to steam, it affects mobile as well? Dang that sucks!

Also, Oof I’ve totally forgotten about ads. Missed at least 20k Eth and loads of item/unit slots!


I’m not 100% sure how it will work, but it’s possible that only the steam version will not have the ads.

When I was more actively playing Another Eden, I remember that mobile had ads while their steam version did not. So it’s possible that might be the case here.

And according to the announcement…

Account-wise, all CEOs will be able to link the current mobile accounts to the upcoming STEAM PC client, hence everyone can use the PC client without having to start over.

I’d personally wait for other people to use it first before jumping in (if you’re considering using the steam version) just in case there are any issues with linking the accounts. I know I can play the same account on two different devices (just not at the same time obviously) but I’m not entirely certain how it would work with a steam version.

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Aye! I’ll wait for it! actually excited to see animations and gameplay instead of powerpoint slides :catcry:

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Raids come to mind especially. :fgo_bblaugh:

But at least the update yesterday did actually help a lot with making raids less laggy during the actual battle. Still there, but a little better than it used to be.


Did not help my phone at all! Infact…I think my phone has gotten worse lately.



Oof… Hopefully the steam version isn’t too bugged on release so you can enjoy the game more on it.

Though I’m likely to stick with mobile for now. It’s not like I do any actual raids anyway. I just send it one unit (for faster loading times), quit the fight, and let everyone else do the killing.


Well fuck you too game :feh_larceiangry:


I like to try and push my raid score higher! I could reach 65% at one point but idk how it’s 61% ish now!

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Yeah, I already lost the 100 points today too. :catslam:

Like, this shit is straight up stupid.

We can lose up to 100 points per day.

If we fight, we’d normally win 25 points. If we lose a fight, we lose 25 points. Even losing a ranked match doesn’t go up to 25 points lost in one go.

At this rate, there’s literally no point in casuals trying to climbs ranks in Strategy cause they’d get busted down and de-ranked if they don’t win consistently enough.

I did 85% at one point. :fgo_bblaugh:

I could probably get it higher now since I have enough shards now to Scout Maria. Her Passive ATK boost is pretty big.


I wanna do a 100%! That’s the only goal I have now !

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Other than good gears, you pretty much need 3 things. Batteries (Sigma, Choi Ina, and Lin Xien), Buffers, and Debuffers.

Thought that’s mainly for Britra. Inhibitor needs a specific strat at the start otherwise you’ll either do 0 damage, or get completely wiped before you get near the boss.


I took this screenshot yesterday, just shortly after the update. It’s probably the closest I’ll get to being #1 now that we got this update. :fgo_gudako:


Yea I heard about inhibitor boss. For now, just Bitra! Still trying to refine my team for now :feh_faedance:


Inhibitor is pain. But very good defensive gear.

I’m still trying to craft a CDMG set armor for Xiao Lin. Doesn’t even have to be a T7 one. Even a T5/6 one is fine.