Counter:Side #2: A skin in CounterSide costs $600

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I’ma just start the new thread now, just in time for ghe new look Counterside too


Special mention to @S0V3REiGN for being the bestest goodest guy ever

Link to the LeiCiel library archives: Counter:Side #1 Please change strategy battles back - #3002 by Moop


We should totally leave the other thread at 2999 posts. :fgo_gudako:

Also… you forgot someone… :fgo_shutensip:


Uh who :feh_eirikabulli:




Don’t forget to link the old thread in OP - it has a ton of good info, and it will get bumped off the front page eventually (even if other games section is not horribly active)

Regarding damage, R.Orca if she can hit her niche is up there too.

I am having issues with having Ifrit compete for top spots. I think part of the issue is spectral gear, half of the substats on which are meaningless in raids. Are you running Maze/ASPD or Swift on it?


Depending on whether or not A.Hori is present (who also competes for top DPS even when her %HP damage doesn’t apply on bosses) I give Ifrit my ASPD Maze set. If A.Hori is present, I give Ifrit Spectral Blaze.

Both sets are heavily tuned to Ground DMG and a mix of Anti-Defender/Striker.

Also, Ifrit doesn’t deal that much damage compared to the others. But she sometimes reaching within top 5 depending on who else is on the raid team.

Edit: Best way to test is to go to Time Attack Supporter, and deploy only the unit you wanna test.


I’m saving Gold bins for Mexh and solider Maze now

(I totally did not waste 230 gold bins on Kim sobin Ex eq T7 to change it from crit dmg to Aspd. Yea it know it’s a mistake but eh) I didn’t even get the ASPD option


At least you didn’t make the mistake I did the other day.

I was trying to roll into HP set for mech Maze Armor. It rolled into ASPD… and I rolled into the next one before I realized what I did. :catroll:

I could have used it for Horizon. :catslam:


Ni hao ma…


well at least you guys didn’t short on CD reduction… I only manage to get on 6 pcs maze CD reduction… most of my maze is HP or Atk or worst class advantage


Gear tuning is true hell. :catpat:


Ni hao :catballoon:


Now I’m having second thoughts on my Gordias equipment also, I have 2 gordias on Cdr (random roll and didn’t wanna roll it away before i got other CDR) and 2 on Aspd. Thinking to move them to Hp but that’ll make my Aspd gears short

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Damn, Dimension Trimming is annoying.

Mech and Regina stages are easy. But the escalating difficulty of Sylvia is really pissing me off.

An auto-run, even with the teams borrowed from YT vids, are struggling. Especially since most of those teams only use 4-6 units, and the new mechanics imposes a penalty if the team CP is below the recommended CP level, so I have to add units as the difficulty goes up but that messes with the auto-deploy flow.

It still works if I manually forward deploy everything (to minimize the time needed to run to the other side), but now it’s annoying cause I auto the mech stage, manual sylvia/kyle, then auto Regina again.



I found ASPD Gordias to be great for Chifuyu - she benefits from both high tankiness and attack speed (but I only have one). CDR melee Gordias is great on A.Shiyoon, or Lin Xien in higher difficulties. CDR ranged Gordias is amazing on Evelyn or whatever first healer gets deployed - having them being able to take hits keeps you from needing to deploy second healer for quite a while.

With that said, I do have one accessory with HP and one with DEF for main tank set.


Yeah, I haven’t even gone back to relics. So what resets weekly? Just the new dungeon? Because I haven’t seen any “resets” in Shadow Palace.


The “3-time entry” thing makes no sense, but I’m assuming it was something of the old system that got removed.

Afaik, SP and Swift won’t reset at all.

The timer on the upper right corner is for the Volcano/Jungle stage only. Those two stages rotate weekly. I have no idea if progress resets when the other stage comes back. I’m sure some in the guild ran the Volcano stages a few times, so I’ll ask them next week if their progress was retained or was reset.


It has been so long that I no longer remember - can all of relic accessory stages be cheesed with air units, or only Edel? Because I don’t even remember what I used for Regina, just remembered it not being overly hard. I didn’t get enough air units to try air-only strat until I after I hit Edel anyway.


Can’t remember either.

Might be worth a try but unlike Edel’s stage, mobs in Regina’s stage (and the Old Fear as well I think) can hit air, so they aren’t safe like in Edel’s stage.

The other issue is that, since we deploy 3 teams simultaneously, gears might be in high demand. An air-only team would have to be strong enough to wipe out enemies before they can move past them and reach the ship.

Enemies in the Edel stage moved slowly, so they were easy to pick off.


Yep, looks like I can’t have stable auto either. The good news is that you can auto-farm stages once you get to the end, so uh…only 100 manual stages to play through :catlie: