Cover Your Eyes and Mute Your Sound! It's the Holy Samba Night Roll Thread!

I’m not going to be rolling on this banner, but I figured I’d create the thread, since the banner’s likely to drop by the end of the week.

For those of you rolling for the paladin with the voice worse than Chacha’s, I wish you (and your eardrums) good luck!

For those of you rolling for Lucha Onee-sama, I also wish you (and your wallets) good luck!


I’ll update this post with the banner schedule once it’s released.

Event schedule:

Pick Up Servants

Limited time Craft Essences

Suggested Support CEs and Servants per reddit, for anyone interested


Better be buying best big butt busty Bradamante buddy

Difference between Chacha and Bradamante is that the latter is at least sexy. A whiny voice is small price to pay, also she’s on a level of crazy comparable to Astolfo too.


A banner I should skip but I want event CEs to make my life easier. Brad doesn’t matter as much cause she’s general pool and worst case she’ll spook me down the line


General pool? Well, that’s totally right. Don’t you agree too, my NP0 Waver?


hides waver spook from the QSH banner


Oh? General pool? Awesome. Then I’m not rolling on Quetzmas at all then.

I’ll pass.
Bradamante is my future SSR Ticket, Quetz already NP1 and while i love her (i got her during Babylonia Singularity release banner) since she helped me while my account was still young and weak…

she is simply not strong enough (in my opinion) to justify rolling for a NP2.

Then, there is the fact that i have no SQZ, so unless DW allow me to pay my rolls by selling my soul…

Okay, saying her voice is worse than Chacha’s is a bit much now. I agree it’s hard to get used to, but it’s certainly not that bad. Chacha amd Wu Zetian play in a different league.

Anyways, I really hope she answers my summons. Would hate to use my free SSR Ticket on her, in case she avoids me really hard.
But I have Merlin as a catalyst, so maybe…? :fgo_shutenthink:


I’ll use a few tickets for Martha and that’s it, now that i think about it i still don’t have a single offensive Ruler.

Not that i need any besides Jeanne of course but it would be nice for variety.

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gonna try to get np5 martha, gacha please bless me


This doesnt have a rerun. Just something to consider.
Rolling for CEs on an event isnt too bad normally given you get to use them twice, but this time is one use.
Also isn’t the lottery CE the shop one? So i feel like all farming will be aimed at that, giving even less use of summoning CEs.
Just my two cents.

I didn’t plan to roll for this banner and I shouldn’t but probably I will throw a few rolls… Would be nice to get Summer Martha and I wouldn’t mind Bradamante (I actually like her 2nd ascencion, seems like a mix between Mythra and Morag). Don’t need any of them for gameplay, especially Bradamante since I have a a lot of lancers and Parvati is my favorite AoE quick lancer, but I would like to have them, anyway.

Not sure if I should roll on the 1st day of the banner or wait for the only Summer Matha and Bradamante rate up. The second option would be the best to increase my chances of getting Summer Martha but it seems too late into the lotto, the gacha CEs would be more useful if I roll the 1st day… :fgo_seibathink:

Yeah gacha CEs are only for the shop like usual. I’d say they’re skippable if you don’t need Summer Martha or Bradamante but…

How can you skip that?


ignore everything i said!
That is CUTE. And truly thats what this game is about


Y’all know what the actual problem with Brad is?

I really can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s something about the eyes. The posted fan art doesn’t have that issue.

Still, good luck to everyone who wants to populate FL with her. Summer’s GSSR kindly took care of NP2 Quetz, too, so I can safely skip.

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Pants is a luxury item for these female lancers I guess.

I’m throwing two multis and some tickets during the Quetz solo day.

Martha Ruler is very welcome to spook but i would really love a second copy of Quetz. I’m not throwing more because i have to save but just two multis will still leave well above 300 SQ afterwards.


I don’t use summer Martha that much, but when I find a fight for her, she works super well. So, more of a luxury pick for players with developed rosters, imo. I also really like her character. So, that may bias things a bit for me.


I’m going to skip this banner, I’ve got her on JP and rarely use her.
Besides Valentine is almost here and I’m planning on gathering some more SQ.

Good luck to those rolling.

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