Covering Genshin Impact?

Just picked up this game recently, and I see you have added a game section for it on the main site. I was just wondering how complete its coverage was expected to be, and if a forum was going to be added for it? As usual, the subreddit for it is heavily weighted against gameplay aspects…

It’s quite fun IMHO, and there’s enough mechanics to discuss strategies, both for combat and leveling characters and gear. It’s very popular as well, from what I gather.

On a side note, I’ve been playing Overlord, mainly for story as I don’t have the time to add another heavy grind. Any plans for it?

I guess it will depend
It’s pretty popular right now so I can see it having It’s own category soon but we’ll just have to see what the team will do

meanwhile me who just puts whatever good stuff I can find onto my favs

I mean I guess I can see it happening tho it’d be pretty hard to talk about much in the game besides those aspects, besides how to get certain Anemoculus and it’s elemental counterparts maybe

Maybe some story coverage too

Altho there’s a good amount of memes and such so that’s entertaining and I would love a section just for that lol

Besides that there are other options if you really want to talk about it

You can list it here in Other Games like you did

Or you can go to one of the MiHoYo or Reddit forums and discuss it there

Mmmmmm I haven’t heard much discussion from it so idk if it’ll be added because a few people have talked about it

iirc a new game section is only added when a mobile gacha or smth of the sort is heavily talked about here and people would like a section designated for that
Otherwise making an entirely new section for like 5 people is a waste

Genshin i know for a fact is discussed a lot so unless that game reaches that level of acknowledgement it’ll probably not get a section

I’d suggest going to genshin’s official forum or their discord.

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I agree with the person above.

Especially considering there are giveaways at their official forum.