CP calculator needs to be updated for purified Pokemon

I have two of these. How many candy will I need to max both out?

Bonus question: Any reason to keep Return?

No reason to keep Return. No PvP use, now it’s just a big nuke.

Thanks for answering the bonus question.

Now for the main question: How much stardust and candy would it cost to max out this purified Tyranitar?

Since the dust reduction for lucky Pokemon is 10%, and taking a normal Pokemon from L25 to L40 requires 194000 dust (as from the GP calcs), the answer is 194000 - 19400 = 174600 dust.

As for candy…since I don’t know how it is rounded off, I can’t give you a exact answer but it should be obvious you have enough.

Candy is also discounted 10% I think, and rounds down to the nearest whole, e.g. if a power up normally costs 5 candy then it will be 4 for a purified. At most, you’ll be saving 2 candy per power up.

It might theoretically go to zero for the case of lower levels where the cost is normally just 1, but it’s a moot point since purified mons get pushed to level 25 anyway.

Need to multiply the candy cost by two, because I have two perfect purified Tyranitars with Smack Down!

Then probably not :/

This is most surely not true because a level 25 pokemon costs 4000 stardust and 3 candy to power up a purified pokemon costs 3600 stardust and 3 candy to power up.

I believe the benifits to be:

Cost 0.9 * stardust and candy to power up (rounded up).
Cost 0.8 * stardust and candy to learn a second charged attack.
Cost 0.9 * candy to evolve (rounded down).

So the savings on candy would only be from level 35 to level 40 (one candy less per power up).

If my assumptions are correct the total cost to power from level 25 to level 40 would be 174 600 stardust (19 400 reduction) and 210 candy (10 reduction).

In the case of the topic starter the cost would be 349 200 stardust and 420 candy for both Tyranitar.

Dont forget evolve decreasead cost and 2nd attack.

It was in my post you get a 20% reduction on the second charged attack (stardust and candy) and a 10% reduction on the evolution (candy)

Today I noticed in Poke Genie that when you try the cal culator it does in fact use the rules for purified pokemon.

Getting a purified Tyranitar from level 25 to level 40 would cost 210 candy and 174 600.

So like I wrote there is always a 10% reduction on the stardust (the numbers are large enough to make that possible) but you only get a reduction on the candies for the last 10 power ups. (Candy needs to be at 10 or larger number).

Thanks. I just confirmed this by maxing both out. Bring on Ho-Oh!