CQ Glitched?

The CQ for summer 3 simply doesn’t appear, i got all copies of toast summer, over a million of each point, all missions complete, the store is almost empty but my free lore refuses to appear in the map
What the hell is happening?

Keep advancing the loop until it appears.

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did you just finish the raids?


advanced 2 loops already since everything finished
also ofc i did the raids


Same thing happened to me, and the CQ simply appeared after some looping. I forget what the actual trigger is, but it should eventually come up.

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Yeah, it appeared instantly on my main account and took a full loop on my F2P to see it after the raids and final main quests were done.

The CQ appeared for me after the epilog when BB gives you the costumes and grail/lore. And that doesn’t appear until day 7 after you finish all the raids and after another doujin story (if you still have some)

You also have to have completed the final singularity.

Loop 14? I finished the event with not a single influence thing hitting 1 mil at loop7…

Dunno what’s up with yours…