Cracked acc?

I’ve seen online shops selling endgame accounts with 1000-2000 sq. The stocks are always ready, and I’m pretty sure all the servants are lv1. Just wondering how do they do this and will these accounts get banned?

These accounts are potentially years old and have simply accumulated these rewards from logging in. Imagine someone making dozens or more of accounts and simply logging in on them, doing nothing else. There isn’t much work involved so it’s feasible to make a profit and sell them a year later.
I’m not sure if it’s possible to crack an account and produce that much SQ without it being banned instantly by DW. Being constantly connected to the internet makes that basically impossible to stay undetected.
Account trading in general is against the terms of service, but as long as you don’t write to support and tell them that you bought the account from someone I doubt you’d suffer any consequences from it, as they can’t really know for sure if an account was sold and ban based on that without evidence - they risk banning valid customers for no reason.


The chance of being banned equals the chance of getting a SSR


I kind of guessed that was the case before but these accounts already have their main story finished (most of them have the title “endgame - shinjuku” or smth but only have lvl 1 servants

I’ve played for a while and judging by my ssr servants count, I think I have a low chance of getting banned (my luck is F- is what I’m trying to say) if I buy an account that is

I have bought an account like this for JP, and I did not get banned. Unless DW has proof, they wont ban you. Besides quartz are managed by the server so a program destined to give you free quartz I think its impossible. The people who claim to sell these types of programs are most likely scammers.

It’s possible to complete the entire story up until Shimosa entirely with friend servant carries. That would account for another chunk of the SQ they have on those accounts.

Well… this is gave me a little bit of hope

I see… thanks for the info, if I have enough money maybe I’ll buy an account to test out my luck on JP idk if it’s better or not though I don’t really know the difference

The server only manage some data when you start-finish battle, or when you stop mid battle, they dont track and detect all your illegal action(Like some server-sided anticheat, atleast my understanding ). So in theory, it’s possible to hack the client to think you finish the battle when you only just finish select your card(to end your turn), and that probably how they go though the game with lv1 servant
There is no guarantee that they wont track the hacked acc though, they could just swift though the account data and see the obvious thing that all the servant are too underleveled
Hacking the client very complicated, but it is possible, and the JP version even got a public hacked version out there on the web after the engine update( game data is now able to be used with dev mode to unpack without the need to reverse engine the entire things)
So that means these account can be banned any time, maybe even without an explanation, i recommend you shouldnt get these account for long time uses, if you still want to buy sq acc, get a starter one

Going through the game with nothing but lv1 servants is entirely possible though. They can’t ban you based on that.


For the longest time, I have been thinking about creating a JP Alt account, just to see the future of NA FGO, and I have even entertained the thought of buying one of these pre-rolled accounts… but then I remember how much of a bloody time-sink even a single FGO account can be, and I quickly give up on the idea…

Also, just out of curiosity, I looked around if modded APKs exist for the game, and apparently “instant win” types are out there. Whether they work or not is questionable, but at least on the surface, it makes it possible to power one’s way right through the singularities and other content in a short time, raking in all the SQs and other goodies in the process. It would still take a lot of time, but it should be doable without doing any “serious” server side hacking.

maybe, but not for hundred of acc for selling
also nothing is guaranteed, and that is just one way of suggesting suspicious activities

You underestimate to what lengths people go to make money. There are speedruns of the campaign with purely friend supports + George/Leonidas from the FP gacha at lv1 running the entire campaign in 20 hours. If you do it in parallel with multiple devices you can get it done reasonably easily.
Also, suggestion of suspiscious activities still won’t get you banned, or else they’d be banning valid customers all day. Bad for business. They won’t ban you unless they’re certain.

More like they are yet to care about it, and most of these acc didnt roll any FP gacha, so they wont have any taunt servant. They wont even have a proper solo team, and what about forced support quest?, the dev team can even see the acc friend history, and these acc most likely dont have any friend

You’re making a lot of assumptions there.

  1. Why wouldn’t they roll the friend gacha? You get a ton of points from logins and the start dash campaign. Just because the account doesn’t havy anything in it doesn’t mean it never did - from what I know, starter accounts tend to burn anything in them but the advertised SQ and possibly gold servants they may have, because they make no difference anyway and eliminate any traces like that.
  2. A proper solo team needs nothing but George and Leonidas at lv1, and for those two, see above.
  3. Forced support quests aren’t a thing in any story quests until Shimosa. Some events have them but these accounts don’t play events.
  4. Having no friends doesn’t mean your account is illegal, and they will obviously delete the friend Cu Alter/Herc they use to plow through the story. Again this is no reason to ban an account.
  5. Yes, they don’t care, because it would be a lot of effort to investigate every suspicious account like that, for no payoff, they’d probably lose money instead since people who buy starter accounts are likely to become paying customers down the road, else they wouldn’t bother spending money for a starter account in the first place.

Overall, DW would get no benefit out of chasing down potentially bought starter accounts, they’d waste time and resources on it for nothing.

I dont think they burn gold servants, because the rare prisms would still be there. Usually they dont buy out anyrhing from the shop with those prisms. I know that, because I had a supposed cracked account. If they burnt something the rare prism is there. Unless they somehow deleted it from the server, which is impossible.

Yeah, they keep any gold servants they have to advertise the account with since they are actually desireable, I was referring to the 3* and below servants.

They dont burn the three stars, even the story servants are kept on the account. I dont think they leveled servants because there is a good amount of exp cards. But I have seen some three stars at bond 7 or 8.

im not making assumption about the gacha, try to buy one your self, they wont bother to roll FP gacha, could always see them in spirit origin list.
Forced support are required to finish lb4, they obviously cant go though these, but they did.
I meant friend history, meaning that they can see friend you have ever had, and ban anyone that didnt have any friend request accepted.
yeah they dont care, but that is the present, there is no saying what DW will do, they are legally able to ban those acc. No official saying that they will let the rule be bent.
Also im making assumption bc it’s another way to tell apart hacked vs legit acc.
If they never want to get rid of starter acc, why would they ever have emulator detection? This is their first step, of course mosly bc this is the easiest, but that means they care about these kind of acc.