Crashing every time?

For some reason, as I try to do Agatha, the game crashes. Over and over and over again. At this point, I think it has something to do with the game itself. Any others doing Agatha having that problem, or is the game simply not capable of running on lower-tier phones anymore?

How old is your phone? I ran Agartha just fine (ofc with the standard crashes after 10-20 minutes of play due to 1GB RAM) on my iPhone 5S.

I know it’s probably an obvious trick, but have you tried fully reinstalling the app, including removing any cache and whatnot? Of course, don’t do this unless you have a transfer number issued and prepared.

Similarly, I would also try and run the app on an emulator if that is at all available to you.

My friend has a pretty bad phone (though I can’t compare to your model without knowing it), and he has cleared all content thus far. I’d hate for it to indicate that you have some sort of hardware issue, but this is certainly not a widespread issue.

As an aside, Summer Scathatch is scary. And apparently her death effect triggers after damage, so she still gets the stars and np charge on those bronze pirates…

Definitely useful in Agartha. Still crashing though.

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