Cresselia for GL and UL

Hello everyone,

I have three Cresselias, and I can’t decide what’s best for each leagues. Just for reference, I included the 100% IV for PVP for both leagues.

IVs - Stats in GL ==== Stats in UL
100%pvp - 92.00/163.09/163 ==== 117.96/210.31/213
4/7/7 - 93.19/158.31/159 ==== 121.07/205.66/207
6/15/4 - 93.20/161.04/155 ==== 121.25/209.50/202
7/5/15 - 93.79/155.14/162 ==== 121.55/201.06/210

I couldn’t decide between high Defense and high Stamina. What’s more important? and which Cresselia should I use for each league?

Thanks in advance!

If you have a very low defense (say 203or less) you lose a bulk point vs stronger GiratinAs. This is an important matchup in UL so I won’t consider the bottom one for UL. Could be that in GL there are similar things, didn’t check. You could do on pvpoke by yrself. Between the other two I would decide after level and resources , they are quite close and both decent anyway

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I see, yea I didn’t know what to look for when comparing pokemons with different IVs. Thank you so much!

where can I check stuffs like this?

Pvpoke, single or multi Battle, you can change the IVs for your mom individually per fight

I have only one cresselia (the grass knot one, from the throwback challenge) and I can’t decide if I keep it on the great league or power it up to ultra.

I did many different simulations but it seems like the low defense high stamina one (7/5/15) performed better than the other two in both Great and Ultra League

Sure? I did just one with GiratinA and this for sure was better with the others.
But in the end, though the 4/7/7 has the best overall stats it won’t make much difference in the actual battle.

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I’d wait till Niantic shakes the PvP pool again. Cresselia is so dominant that it will most likely be nerfed after season 2 ends.

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I made my 2nd account a 100% MB+FS Cresselia for Ultra and it is fine. There are quite a bit of Cresselia vs Cresselia leads and they all depend on Attack debuffs (and/or who throws the first +last charge move). Difference b/t Grass Knot and Future Sight obviously offense vs defense. GK awesome KO’ing Swampert and FS gives Cress a chance vs Charizard and the occasional Venusaur

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I see. I was making each Cresselia battle against 100% GiraA.

The ones you simulated are against “Default” GiraAs. I assume default ones are at about 97 percent of perfect PvP IVs. Is Default at about 97% because that’s just about the average?

I guess majority of people don’t have 100% Pokemons so it’s just better to simulate against Default ones for Great and Ultra League, right?

That makes sense! I am running with Obstagoon, GiraA and Clefable, and it’s been working okay. Pretty satisfied so far.

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Thanks for the tip!!

I think they picked a quite good value as default -of course they cannot deliver actual average or mean values of the Giratinas you will be fighting. This must be way lower anyway, cause the best value a GiratinA can get in reality might be about 70 percent. Or maybe with trading a bit better? Don’t know the exact trading IV rules…

Funny btw, you run a very similar team as me, I replaced the fairy with empoleon

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I’d totally agree. Every season in UL seems to be a different animal, though I think they’re kind of running out of super bulky legendaries to let loose on the format. Maybe giving armored mewtwo shaowball?

My cress has really bad PvP stats, but high attack and being pretty close to 2500 means I win a lot of cmp ties and getting a guaranteed full attack power moon blast in is certainly nice.
All in all I’ve found stats to matter nearly as much in UL as they do in GL. A cress is a cress

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Got it. Thanks for your thought. I’d like to try empoleon, but I don’t have one with hydro cannon cuz i stopped playing pogo for a while and recently started playing again. I missed the piplup community day. haha