Crystal Lore, Divine Bull Gramps Support?

Well… Mostly due to trying to clear the shop first, I still need to do the two lore quests. Then I’m done. I have a plan for the Summer Swimsuits in my Melt and Santa Lily.

But uh… Would like some help for the Bull. Can I get Hassan with a “Damage against Divine” up CE? Preferably high enough to solo. I would like to save my command seals if possible after all.

FC is 778, 650, 376.

Did I not already add you on my friend list for that purpose?

Whatever check my support. Ign: Old Saru

For whatever reason, it never seemed to show up when I first turned my attention to it. Checking my Friends List by level didn’t show him either, for some reason.

I am done now, though I did need to use a single command seal to top off his hp. Bad play on my part, but it’s done. That just leaves the First Part’s final CQ. And Melt is going to have a word with them.

My fault I suppose… I only put CE which don’t belong to the event.
For the other CQ I’ll put raikou with black grail if it’s good for you?

That would be nice, yeah. Bit mean to the ones who came at my call, but the knights didn’t so… :fgo_umu:

Sorry I’m french, you just said I was mean to you? My guess is you misunderstood my intention . To tell you the truth I’m not that much of a talker, so when I speak it’s only with short sentence and because of that I seem cold for most people. In french you call that “être laconique”.

Ah, not you. Meant that Raikou+Black Grail is mean to the ones she’ll be destroying who answered my summons this summer. Which happen to be Summer Marie, Summer Martha, and of course, Summer Assassin.

Raikou plus Black Grail is good.

Lol sorry for jumping to conclusions.

My review for the summer CQ: she’s the SHIT!

And that’s that. All that’s left is spending tomorrow to clear out the Part 2 shop of the remaining monuments.

Thank you for the help.

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