Cu Alter min-turn solo vs nerfed Kama - An attempt

Hey y’all! Normally I post any JP runs I do at @poketar 's thread with my usual babble saying “I did it :fgo_ereshwoah:” or somewhere along those lines but I wanted to go a little bit more in-depth with my babbling so I thought why not make a thread. The initial Ooku run is about to hit us soon anyways so I figured this might be helpful in the future too though I doubt that last bit. Anyways, on to my babble.


As some of you may know the Ooku event rerun had just hit JP about a week or so ago now and along with it the Kama boss fight. For those who don’t know the Kama fight is similar to the Kiara boss fight in CCC wherein you can nerf her to suit how difficult you want the fight to be. I’d explain what the Ooku event is about but that’s a whole different topic all together. Anyways, as soon as I unlocked the fight and did my intial clear I decided to do a solo, make a post, end of story and that’s what I was going for up until I saw Ryou Emerald’s Melt 4-turn solo and Nero Slay’s Hijikata 5-turn solo and thought to myself “Hey, I can do that too!”. And with that thought in my head I started looking through servants I own and in my list to do this with and saw a friend’s lvl 100 Cu Alter holding the event CE and settled with that. And after doing the calculations I saw that a 5 turn was possible and with that the Cu min-turn was born! After 4 days of constant failures I… gave up. Yeah… the constant resets and refreshes had finally took hold of my sanity and just ended up settling on one of the 7-turn runs I did.

And now on to the part as to why I wanted to do this post: The “script” so to say I had made for myself for this to work and wanted to share.

Turn 1: CrIt Brave Chain - Any works here since it kills Kama’s first bar. Having a quick card in there would be ideal for it helps for turn 2
Turn 2: Buster chain with any Buster critting. This part is where I failed at mostly for I wanted to save the stars of the MC for later use.
Turn 3: Buster chain again with the atk buff from the MC and any Buster crit again. The other part I fail at for I couldn’t get that Buster crit to happen.
Turn 4: ABQ to fill up the bar and have Kama help in filling it up.
Turn 5: and finally, use the rest of the MC buffs to fill up the gauge and debuff Kama to finish her off with an NPBB crit chain.

Yeah… Now y’all know why I gave up in attempting this. Turn 2 and 3 are the RNG fest for getting a Buster to crit is quite frankly difficult to manipulate with little stars to work with. With moderate luck I can end it with 6 turns by not relying on crits turn 3 but even then I only manage to reach that scenario a hand full of times. One of my recent attempts that got me a 6 turn ended up failing for I missed a 90% crit without any other ways to manipulate it. Every run I did end at 7 turns and so settled with that. I haven’t even gotten the 5 turn yet. Will I do this again once the event hits NA? Yes, yes I will for I’m not going to settle with this. And because I know someone with a lvl 100 Cu to pester over and over. That’s all for my rambling. Thanks for taking the time to read :fgo_ereshlove:

Tl;dr: Wanted to do a solo, did some math, failed, wanted to let of some steam.


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