Cu Chulainn Alter vs Raikou (Lvl 100 10/10/10) Support list?

  • Cu Chulainn Alter
  • Raikou

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Would you rather see a Raikou or Cu Chulainn Alter in a Berserker Support Line up?

I used to give superscope Raikou a slot now and then, but my friends don’t seem to want her as much as they want Cu for more difficult content.

People have been using my superscope Xiang Yu a bit, but novelty is surely part of that.

I have Cu Chulainn, CasCu and ProtoCu in my arsenal

which is better?

I would agree it all depends on what people use.

During challenge quest time I would love to see a Cu, and I also remember a time when I needed to borrow a superscope Raikou for daily farming because of an underdeveloped roster.

So I would say go with whoever you want if you don’t care about friend points, and if you do care place one then another to see who gets the most FP.

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Depends on what you are looking for.

FSN Cu has a lot of staying power with the guts and POA a great servant to have last in your roster for the clutch win,
Proto Cu has a bit more damage and less staying power with his crit buff and I wanna say wild beast damage buff
Honestly I don’t know what CasCu does.

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If you have MLB Kscope or Kscope then go for Raikou. If no, then Cu Zerker.

He is a cheap Caster with an Upgraded NP and 30% battery. That makes him a solid farmer and OK offensive Caster.

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Unrelated to the topic but since you mentioned him… how good is he? Do you think he’ll be used in CQ’s or just for farming purposes? I haven’t gotten a chance to try him out yet

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I like Raikou for farming, but she is also pretty fun for CQ’s with multiple enemies. But since most people look for Skadi if they already have AoE farmers/dps, I can assume she won’t be as desirable as a Cu Alter who someone can always find a use for, even if they lack Skadi.

If you’re making a decision to benefit your friends list I would go over my friends support and if you have quite a few under developed rosters , I’d expect Cu Alter to get more usage.

Xiang Yu? His crit damage is outrageous, and he penetrates hard defenses for 3T, so I’m sure he can be used well for CQs.

Of course, he needs a huge number of stars on the field for consistency. It’s really nice that he has a 30% Buster and Quick buff for 3T on a 5T CD, but his only defense is a 1T Evade, and he doesn’t have a star gather ability yet, so he can be both inconsistent and not very survivable.

I’m enjoying him, but making him work well outside of smashing waves is a challenge if you can’t give him a lot of passive star gen support.


I used to have at least 6 or 7 Cu Alters on my friend list. Now at least 20 berserkers I get on refreshes is a Raikou. I’m guessing because a lot of people got her on the last banner and want to put her up.

I’d prefer a Cu Alter because as I transition from an apprentice to a journeyman, I still have uses for Cu and Heracles with bond CE. My roster has enough to duplicate what Raikou can bring to farming and challenge quests.

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Thank you as always! A friend was asking if they are comparable to other AoE zerkers and since i couldn’t compare their NP1 Zerkerlot to my NP5 and no one has Xiangyu on my list… GP is the best place to ask.

Regarding the inconsistency of Crits, would Golden Carp + the next Starbomb CE we get be a more viable solution if using him in a CQ setup? Or do you feel the Star Gather is that needed? // Depending on all of this, a friend may roll for him to get NP3 at least but doesn’t want to invest poorly so close to New Years Banner. (they have waver+ Skadi but no other supporting servants)

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Star Gather from CEs isn’t effective because his base is too low; Servants like him need huge multipliers for consistency.

Until he gets his skill strengthening and when it’s on CD, he needs the field flooded with star bombs like you mentioned and/or with passive gen from skills, CEs, and such.

XY has his own star gen skill for 10/turn. His NP can be used as a star bomb for the following turn (obviously more targets = more stars), much like with Lancelot or Raikou. If your focus is crit damage, you can also run him with Merlin w/DB, and you can also plugsuit in BB Summer to lock a favorable hand and generate more stars passively.

TL;DR: Using star bomb CEs and skills for a quick ramp up works like it would for anyone else; sustained crit performance requires overwhelming premium support and/or some great RNG, like having his Quick card when you need it, because that thing can be a mini star bomb.

I’ve joked before that XY is “worse SSR Lancelot,” which he is in a farming context, but he does much more outside the AoE niche.

Example of star overload XY: Xiang Yu General Discussion


most of my friend list have Raikou with max Kscope but rarely used to farm. Usually I would use Waver with Chaldea Teatime to farm because he can provide 50% battery

20% of my friends’ Berserker slots are Raikou; 19% are Heracles; 10% are Cu Alter.

Also found one Raikou in All (Hi, @Drachy!)

I can’t remember the last time I borrowed a Berserker, but it’s interesting to note that so many of them have their own Raikou, especially if we consider those who are like me and just don’t often put her on the list.


Cu in zerker slot, mama in all. You grailed her so show her off.

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I am gonna say, unless your mama raikou is np2 with a superscope, and you have a lot of newbies in your list, cu is a better pick.
Even now, despite the fact my roster and my support list is so much bigger , cu is still farming point.
I guess even after the early game carry, ppl still want to try solo strats with cu alter.

“Boobs are superiors”
This is my stand normally.

Recently I play with Cu Alter and he is easily a fun pick compared to Raikou. When you are swayed by how easily is the farm, sometimes you want to have fun.

Put the both of them in your support. You can’t be wrong by doing so.

Not going to lie, if I see a Raikou with Kaleidoscope, I click. But in general, I am definitely happier when I nab a Cu Alter friend.

Normal cu is the best in my opinion due to his survival skill and I think he have an np rank up quest while proto cu doesn’t but I could be wrong. And I think there are better caster for you to invest like Andersen