Current Gudaguda

So this is the first time I play a Gudaguda event, and it is a rerun. So I want to know if I need to have played the other Gudagudas in order to understand the story

Highly doubt it. All you need to know is that these events have a Nobu and an Okita. That’s the entire backstory.


Gudaguda 1 and 2 were joke events so no, you haven’t missed anything aside for the usual Nobbu things.

The 3rd one is actually when the story starts getting serious and has a real plot to follow.


Here’s the story thus far.

Nobu does something or is apart of something crazy/bad and og okita is tired of her shit.


There are these things called Guda particles.

They make everyone act stupid.


And those four responses cover it. :fgo_bblaugh:

There’s basically no plot threads between events. Only one I can think of is the recent Kama event did have relevant plot points carried over from the CCC event, but that’s it.

Aside of knowing some of the character that are there you don’t really need it, but you can watch the story of the past gudagudas on YouTube

An argument could me made that as far back as Guda 1, Nobu and Okita have had a friendly rivalry. But Guda 3 is the start of their relationship in a Holy Grail War. So it requires no prior knowledge of the events, but it does put some things into perspective.

Though if you stick around to Guda 4, also called Guda Final. That event “tries” to tie up some of the loose ends behind Nobu’s character, and there are some references from previous Guda events. But the game does try to remind you what happened, because some of those events happened so long ago. So it should be fairly smooth.

and then it becomes an actual gudaguda event at the end

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