Current Merge Project and New Member Intro

Hey guys! I’ve been a long time user of gamepress and I finally decided to make an account so I could have people to talk about the game with. My FEH ign is >>-Will-> and I pretty much just go by that normally. My FEH FC is 7760099832 also if anyone has some open spots on their friends list so feel free to add me. I look forward to getting to know you all :smile:

Anyway, I wanted to share my current merge project, Echidna. She’s pretty much done other than giving her galeforce and the final few merges. I’m pretty happy with her build for now, but I’d like to hear suggestions to improve her if anyone has any!


Also can someone let me know if I did subcategories right? I think I did but I just wanna make sure!



Also, @Thehalohedgehog who’s also a fellow Echidna user.


You’ve unintentionally joined the cult of Echidna lol I have her +10 with repel

Fluff is correct


Ok thank you @antsims93
I’m excited to have a well scoring axe infantry for arena poor Barst isn’t cutting it anymore score wise


great merge project, she is my favorite female character of FE, and im hoping to finish her too.

The first build was her main build before Huge fan existed, the second one is the one she has except for spd/def rouse 3, i use def smoke 3 because works better on her.
your build is awesome, but i apreciate that my units work on both close and distant ranges.


Thank you! I really like the distant counter build for Echidna as well and I used to run it on her but I pulled a couple Leilas from the mythic banner and thought I’d try something new. It ended up working out pretty well I think and she fits the axe galeforcer niche which I don’t really have filled yet

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Also, welcome to GamePress. :blush:


Welcome to the community! Or at least welcome to having an account for the community. Btw, ya did use subs correctly so you’re good to go :v.

Besides the merges & DF she seems good to go. I’d recommend having some sort of support unit to back Echidna up and allow for easy and constant Tactics(Plus allows JDA to always activate). Maybe run Draconic Aura or something like that as a special? If she’s getting both the accelerated special when attacked and when she attacks you might want to go for a 4 CD to make things nice and even.


Nice to meet ya :cat:

Looks like a neat enough build to me. What other projects do ya have?

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Oh that’s a good idea about the special, I’ll get on that! And thanks for the reminder about support I always forget to do that

I’m working on Forrest as well but he’s not really wanting to come home so progress on him has been kinda halted for the time being

I’ve also been planning a Saizo build to round out the hoshidan ninja trio but I’m gonna wait until Echidna’s done at least to start on that


Sure know how that feels :catroll: I hope he starts being nicer soon enough. Solid build he has.

Saizo’s pretty dope.

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She can be used for many roles, i never thought she could be a galeforcer, but with the right speed and FB2 it could cheese around maps.

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Thanks i fixed it, im not used to the right use of the word.