Current state of PVE play

It’s been a couple of months since I actively contributed here. This is partly because I have personally saw a significant decline in the level of PVE interest in PoGo. Sure, I understand that the recent PVP Battle League is the hot stuff right now, but it feels like Niantic is going very “Flash Hype” style that they forgot about their bread-and-butter roots of collection, Raid and “exploration”.

Take for example, 5-star raid bosses are half recycled content with long stagnant boss pool. Like seriously? Latias/Latios, Heatran, Lugia/Ho=oh re-runs, and Regigigas in EX-raid for so long I don’t bother to keep track anymore. Not to mention the Unovan Legendary are total lack-luster disappointments too.

With the combination of boring “spawn” events, the news scare of the Wuhan virus and the over emphasis of PVP promotion really hit the morale of my local community hard for the start of 2020. I mean, for the first time since the inception of PoGo, there wasn’t a full lobby for Ex-raid at my local Ex-gym!

How are the state of PVE scene around your local community? Are you seeing similar decline as I do, or there isn’t much noticeable change, or in fact, it is complete opposite of “decline”? If your community is still going strong in terms of raiding, collecting/“Dex-racing”, what are some things you can suggest for my community to improve their outlook of the game?


I play in the U.S., and over the past few months, the PvE scene in my area has quieted down considerably. People are still out raiding, but numbers are definitely down.

I think a lot of this (at least in my area) is due to multiple factors.

  1. Boring t5 raid bosses. With the slight exception of Terrakion, none of the other new raid bosses have been remotely exciting for PvE use. Cobalion and Virizion are both hot garbage, and Tornadus was cursed with really underwhelming moves. So a lot of people raided for their Dex entries and were more or less done. The shiny reruns kept people excited for a few days, but that was about it. I’m still waiting (and hoping) for Niantic to rerelease other Legendaries with their signature moves.

  2. It’s currently winter for my area and while it hasn’t been awful, the cold, snow, and overall dreary ambiance that we get this time of year always results in a drop-off of players.

  3. The introduction of new wild spawns has been pretty slow, Mons like Deino and Axew are almost nonexistently rare, and Niantic has continued the trend of locking some new Mons behind eggs/raids. As a result, the motivation to go out and hunt wild spawns has continued to drop.

  4. The gym scene continues to be stale, given how it hasn’t seen any substantial changes in awhile. My area used to be very competitive in terms of gold gym’ing, but a lot of people dropped off once they finished the gyms in the areas around them. A handful still compete for gold gyms, but most just aim for their daily 50 coins and that’s it. So there’s not much motivation to go after gyms anymore either.

Honestly, aside from the initial (and short-lived) excitement of a new t5 raid boss, the only other thing that gets people somewhat excited are the Team Rocket battles. Even then, most will do enough until they get to battle Giovanni, and then that’s it for the rest of the month.

My guess is things will pick up a bit in the summer months when it’s warmer and when we get the more interesting t5 bosses. People will definitely come out for Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem, and Therian Landorus.


I would add limited time to the list. There are now way too many daily “chores” in the game so people have to chose a few,

  • Feeding buddies
  • PVE battles
  • Team rocket
  • Gyms
  • Raids
  • Field tasks
  • Presents
  • Eggs

To be honest it sometimes feels like a job on top of my job,

Am I really having fun spending 20minutes opening/sending presents everyday? I am getting fun from doing yet another Heatran duo? is the 3-6 rare candy worth the time it takes me to get there, do the raid, catch the beast and return home?


it’s been nothing but PVE for years until PVP started rolling out, let the feature breathe a little :joy:


Yeah my community also is low interested due to garbage Legendaries and extremely rare mon they stared making with release of gen IV. Most of them( also me) get Gible dex entry during this Sinnoh event. Cobalion, Virizion and Tornadus make almost no interest. Lugia/Ho-Oh x return also. I seen higher activity during Lati re -run however. Heatran was also raided well, but because he was easy duo and trivial trio, we didnt need to organize to raid him. Terrakion was average interest, despite being solid mon. Almost all now have army of SD TTars, some Golems or 1-2 Rampardos.

Now my pogo mates raiding Timburs or smth they miss shiny( KLink, Alola craps etc).

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are losing benefits. PvE content has always been like a good ammount of money inverted in raid passes and Reshitigas and rhe scene is extremely stalled. In my community everyone agrees that this maniamtic habit of Niantic to not making the game progress is killing their activity and some of them haven’t opened the game in all February. Heatran had them inteewsted the dirst says until they got the shiny but nobody is interesting in spending passes in a pokemon with no use and no shiny chance. This two combined makes a pokemon extremely uninteresting and able to kill a single community for time enough. Add to this that minor raid bosses aee most shit such a sDwebble and the decrease spawn in Shinx, Klink (for the shiny form) and Timburr (very powerful) and you just lost your fanbase. Some people haven’t evee spent a pass in Timburr as it can’t be shiny, to add it.

Now the worse part and that made most people outraged: February events are shit. Except the finished Sinnoh one and Feb 14 event, I have heard extremely ugly words from this events and the extreme lack of supoirt by part of the community. Honesty I hope Niantic does something about it or it will eventually lose a lot of players. We want legendary pokemon in boxes and raids that are rare and can be shiny. No one wants a bad legendary without chance of shiny (I myself have Tornadus and Virizion not even REGISTERED). We don’t want useless, shiniless or wild aviable species in reserach boxes. You will only get the full playerbase to get dormant because of extreme demotivation to play for pathetic rewards.


And it will most likely be eclipsed by rock wrecker rhyperior soon.

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Reporting from Singapore: Decline? What decline? Nothing compared to the actual decline when SGPokeMap was down for half a year.

The harsh reality is that not every legendary can be meta-relevant. Their stats and typing are set by TPC, not Niantic. What Niantic can do is to give them the best moves available from their main-series learnset. Bulky legendaries (like the trash cans) which have no PvE relevance can be made useful in PvP.

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Here’s a summary of my PVE/raid scene. It was a group of us at an ex-gym around 3:45 pm eastern time on Friday of the Sinnoh event waiting 5-10 minutes waiting for Tornadus to hatch. While standing there, we see a person running across the street into the pathway that is a mile long with 20 stops or so. He is screaming to us “there’s a Gible!!!” Upon hearing that and not knowing the timer, 2 guys who were going to raid with us left the 5 star raid at the ex-gym to run with that guy and catch the Gible.

Since the legendary bosses have been lackluster to say the least, there’s mainly 2 ways to get the dex entry. #1 Get it during the 1st 24 hours its released. #2 Raid hour. However if you play in a city or have strong alternate accounts, its business as usual. I’m near cities but I primarily play in the suburbs and have seen a decline over the past few months.


I feel like youre spot on here

mostly because with regards to raids, you dont get anything for being better prepred really. Maybe you get an extra ball or two, and have a better shot or RNGsus giving you a CTM or candy, you can go into a lobby with more or less anything with a decent stats and super effective moves if you’ve got 7 people and beat a raid. Where as PvP is somewhat more encouraging for you to make a team your way and be prepared, rewarding cisistently with things like TM’s, candy and rarer pokemon. I know people who do draft, and after GBL happened, over half of them just stopped draft

I would also like to point out, Regigigas hasn’t been an EX boss as long as mewtwo was, so its hardly been there a long time compared to the past.

I feel almost like in general, PvE isnt a thing niantic overly cares about at the moment, since for the last id say year or so, they’ve mostly just focused PvP things. Tornadus being in raids doesnt really help, but I feel like that also proves the point, they are more concerned with PVP now.


My area has slowed down but still active enough that players can do T5 raids at least once a day. Part of the slow down is because of winter. There are less players out and about and they stick to raids that can be reached from the parking lot. Some players raid daily others only do the Wednesday dinner hour. There is still participation in special events. Some players drove around while doing the Minccino event, others went to local malls, my dumbass walked around a local park in the cold. I don’t know anyone that has done the mystery hour spawns. Ex-raids are still happening.

Another factor to consider is that, aside from new raid boss rotations, there is nothing to add to the Raid scene. Its functioning now the same as it did in 2018 and the same as it will be in 2022. PvP on the other hand, has room for a lot more changes in gameplay. A year ago we didn’t have stat-altering moves or online matchmaking. And there’s still room for things to be added and tweaked.

And gyms are broken, nothing to see there. :skull_and_crossbones:

Right. That keeps getting forgotten. The fact that gyms do get forgotten proves the point that they need help, rather than PVE as a whole.

As long as gym continue to be the only way of getting coins without paying they will continue to be relevant(not necessarily entertainment or fun). And I don’t think there will be a way of making them more appealing without affecting Niantic pockets revenue.

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Snorlax used Body Slam!
Machamp was paralysed!

Moltres used Overheat!
Metagross dodged!

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Winter and bad T5’s definitely sapped my community’s interest in raiding, but we’re still going fairly strong. There’s a core of us that’s all friendly and try to show up whenever something good’s happening, and we alert each other to rare spawns and such, help with team composition for Rocket battles, etc.

But, these bosses are definitely taking their toll on the wider community around that core. For every Heatran that’s interesting and useful in some niche, there’s a Cobalion that just refuses to be relevant. Not every one will be a grand slam, but it’s not a lot to ask for some more consistent homeruns.

The useless bosses aren’t something new, remember the first arrival of the regis?(surely me not, I wasn’t a player around that time, but I have read about it), we need to wait for this new trio to finish ( and Landorus will become the best ground attacker, currently only surpasse by its other form).

During raid hour I asked yesterday if somebody had tried to duo a Tornadus: Answer NONE

The point has already been made, there’s not a real incentive to do so. (I have not tried yet)

Glad to see that I am not alone in the struggle. Although, I won’t put on my tinfoil hat and start theorizing that Niantic has purposefully shafted the current PVE scene so that they can funnel player interest into PVP; I will say this: it seems to me that there is a great miscommunication of direction between TPC and its publishers like Nintendo and Niantic.

For example, Pokemon Go was advertised as augmented reality game that is supposed to bring Pokemon into “real life”, yet we see throughout the years PoGo keeps moving away from that goal. Instead of refining Pokemon biomes or even creating dynamic gym system, PoGo is turning more and more “console-style” with the whole PVP “feature”. Does PoGo really need a PVP feature? I personally think not so much, but that is a debate for another time

For me, the build up of decline in Go is attributed to Niantic’s failure to innovate the game’s most fundamental spirit and instead keeps adopting the “quickest way to gouge money” mentality.


PVE Become a boring repetitive
Gym battle, dead. I use any wild pokemon above 1000 CP To battle, even evolving the like of belsprout, gulpin, etc because i have a lot of its candy and use it in gym battle
Old gym system is more interesting. Yes it has it flaws, but more fun.
Raids, at this state is boring also, to many back to back to back legendaries, and they release the new one in an unintersting succesion
Agreed not every legendaries is interesting but damn many month with an open dex legendaries.
I lost interest in duoing legendaries now, not worth the effort with that reward.
I still attempt to duo cobalion without using fire because it is quite challenging (i failed). Vizirion, Terakion is a walk in the park for duo, Heathran i already duo it last year while it is a very hard one. Tornadus ? Nah i lost interest, just ask 1-2 member in my group using free pass.
Soloing a T3 is very fun at the start, but after a while there are no new exciting raid boss
I get it, there are alot of trainers still get excited and searching for shiny, hundo, rare, etc. But we need something for trainers that like to battle in PVE
Gym leader battle is an oppoetunity, make it one vs one against gym leader and make it hard to defeat them. I dont mind losses to them, it give me something as a target to achieve.
And too many events but no stardust bonus for a week, dissapointing.