Curry X Rice

If you know, you know


Thanks for sharing that, wouldn’t have gotten the reference… but I am unable to willing suspend my disbelief for that scene…

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Man that entire scene had me rofling all over.


I am not sure if I love it… or hate it. So confused.

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what the ACTUAL f—

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Remember when we used Arash to catapult us in Camelot? Well, now I will be terribly disappointed if the Indian Lostbelt doesn’t involve Guda using a banana tree as a catapult with Mash’s shield to protect him.


That…is strange given Fate’s antics, in general. :fgo_gudako:

Anyway, may we please have this man released to FGO? Alternately, Shahname from Persia has similar antics.

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I want that Noble Phantasm…


If physics allowed for such a tactic, it would not only be funny but also pretty effective.

But yeah…strange Bollywood reference…in a Japanese Mobile Game.
Perhaps we have to dig deeper to find the real source of the reference :fgo_buster:

:rofl: that’s a hilarious movie clip! I hope I’ve unlocked curryxrice next day 7

The title is one of my favorite meals.

And that’s a scene I won’t soon forget.

That would be an astounding strategy, if only one could do that and find a way to keep alive the soldiers who will most likely not survive the landing.

But i would use that as a diversive. Create chaos, in the meantime, go assault the city or castle main doors

And attack the walls with catapults, also.

Best way to win a siege is to attack in different places and try to not let the defenders understand where the main attack will come, till the last moment