CYL3 pity rate discussion

So I got burned pretty bad summoning on the Brave Echoes banner and I made this post to ask anyone if they or anyone they know got worse than this, cause this is the first time I got to the 6 percent range since I started(which was when the game came out).

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I bet @Kroeger has got worse rates than this.


Can’t get a pity rate if you don’t pull. :thinkinglikelukas:

But seriously… That is some extremely rotten luck. That adds up to 70-74 pulls without a 5 Star, or an average of 325 Orbs wasted… I am very sorry. Were you pulling a lot of reds? Red hell is the worst.

Wait the banner is named after Alm?

and rip

Once upon a time I hit 7% and walked away with nothing. Can’t tell if was a dream or not but man, I’m sorry for you.

I didn’t pull on the brave banner so not on this one. But I got at 13.5% on the YT banner.
Got 13.5% on the golden banner CYL2 this year, and got usually ~130orbs per 5*

But yeah, High pityrate sucks as hell because we often only got one 5* for all our wasted orbs…

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I feel really bad about this since I’m so ridiculously on the other side of the spectrum. I spent a total of 23 orbs for 3 5-stars, A B!Camilla in my first batch and then F!Celica and Kliff. Kinda crazy how ridiculous it can get huh? I usually have the worst luck on Legendary/Mythic banners.
EDIT: 23 because of free summon saving me orbs.

I hope you weren’t summoning red. I put out the psa yesterday…

Nope I was pulling every orb.

Your odds would actually be better if you skipped the reds. It’s that bad.

Still, that’s some crummy ass luck.

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Basically, red orbs contain more garbage, and there are more red orbs than anything else so you’re just likely to get more garbage. If a person wants Alm, they really should select him for free seeing as he costs the most orbs on average to get. Likewise, while green orbs are not as common, they are much more likely to contain a Micaiah.

Thanks! Didn’t know of this till now.