CYL5 this, CYL5 that

IS just give me Fallen Scarlet or Chrom this year

Tho they would probably break my wallet even more than it already is


What is with Brave Female Corrin? :heart_eyes:

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You mean another Dragon F.Corrin… eh


Dragon is not a must. ^.^"
Maybe something new for Female Corrin - Colorless Tome <3

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Something new for F.Corrin… pfffft we all know IS will just make her another Dragon because they are so blinded and couldn’t even give her L.Alt Shadow Yato and instead literally took the concept of the first Legendary unit and updated it to be powercreep… her L.Alt was a perfect time to give her Shadow Yato but nope… and honestly the only alt of F.Corrin that I truly like is her Summer Alt and I can’t even get merges of her


I prefer the Dragon L!Corrin over a “normal” Sword L!Corrin.

We have so many Sword Units in this game and only 6x Colorless Dragon.

Maybe a colorless Sword?!

The Problem with the Summer Alt is, that this unit is so outdated :frowning:
When will IS starts with refine of Seasonal Units?! (there is no reason why IS cannot / should not do it)

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The only thing I like about L.Corrin is just the Dragon’s sprite, otherwise its just a basic statspread F.Corrin with a DR special, I’d much rather had a Sword L.F.Corrin so that she at least has some kind of diversity with her alts instead of all Res targeting (unless the foe is ranged with low Def). Look at M.Corrin at least he has a Sword and a Bow version with 2 Dragons, while F.Corrin has 4 Dragon’s and a Mage, and all 4 of the Dragons are nearly the same, obviously their Prf’s are all different so slightly different playstyle’s but in the end they all have the same stat spread with the same damage type, its the same problem that Micaiah and Julia having all Mage alts just different colors, and Hector having Axe x3, Sword, Lance. Despite how much hate Camilla and Lyn gets, at least they have diversity across their alts with Camilla having Sword, Axe, C.Dagger, R/G/B tome, and Staff, while Lyn has Sword, C/G/B Bow, C.Dagger, and Staff

And I know that Summer Corrin is outdated, but the reason I like her more than the others is because she is the only different one of her Alt’s


Actually the only other good thing about L.Corrin being colorless is the fact that she’s colorless so the gap between her returns is smaller than any other color’s… but even then I would have literally took a Staff over another Dragon Alt


IS would never make another Fallen Corrin because they forgot Ganglari ever existed.

Now Fallen Gunter though


I personally think F!Gunter should’ve been where Fell Male Corrin was but that’s just me. Both Fell units are bad but Gunter actually had a “reason” (putting it loosely) to be a Fallen.


Give me fallen Rajion


Well tbf Ganglari always had a much much higher chance to be on Fallen Sumeragi because of the reason the Corrins are Fallen. The Corrin’s are dragon’s because of the begining of the game when they watch their mother die and they couldn’t control their Dragon powers in a world where Azura never got the chance to calm them down. Possessed Sumeragi being that person who not only killed Mikoto, but is also the only other person ever seen with Ganglari.

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I’ve said this every year and I’ll keep saying it until it happens

Fallen Ninian


Yes Chrom please!