Cynthia Banner pulls

30k gems, 10 x10 pulls for a chance to get that sweet 2% focus…


…AND NO CYNTHIA! :feh_angrynino:
Really? You give me 9 0.6% rate pairs, but not a one 2%.

Oof, lots of duplicates too :feh_notlikethis:

I wanna just save my Gems after what happened on Rosa’s Banner. I got like five 5 stars, two of which being Lyra and Hilda who I really like, but, I mean, they’re not Rosa :feh_berniebulli:

Good luck if you’ll keep trying for Cynthia though!


Like, I don’t mind getting dupes, I’ll still welcome them. What intrigues me is this luck that I got. Is it lucky that I got 9 very low rate ones over the higher one, or unlucky because I didn’t get the higher one that I wanted? Wth. :feh_notlikethis:
(I’ll trade half of them for a Cynthia tbh rn tho lmao)
Yeah, I’ll keep pulling on this one. Max 4 x10 and I’m sated.

That happens a lot, such is the way of the gacha :ferdbirb:

Depends on how you feel getting em all, really. That’s how I’ve seen it at least, I thankfully don’t usually mind much :feh_legion:

Yeah. Desire sensors :feh_angrynino:

I’m having a nice time with all these events and I’ve finished my bingo cards! :)

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Those things were a blessing :pray:, they’re what let me do some last second sessions before it ended considering that the new update wasn’t downloading for a while. I liked em. :feh_popcorrin:

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Yup. If we’re gonna farm for resources, why not add a little more in it, yeah? \m/
I hope tomorrow I get the final gems to a guaranteed Cynthia get. :3

This will distract me from FEH and their buncha quests and gacha baits coz’ whatever happened to my restraint is gone now.

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i got mine with half the amount of gems i expected myself to use, which was 6k. just 1 10x was enough for me

(still saving my gems for red…)


tries hard to not get sad
Lol. Nice get tho :3

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I just pulled her from the reduced 100 gem daily pull. I sunk in about 2 or 3 x10 pulls from all the free gems they gave us recently and got nothing but Elesa. I’m hoping to get Lance the same way.

Idk if it’s luck or what but I’ve been getting 5* pulls very consistently. I got Blue and Grimsley on the same day (both not from the respective banners so .6% chance each), 2 Olivias (dupes), 2 Holiday Rosas, Elesa, and Brendan (dupe). I’m only missing Lance, Hilda, Glacia, Caitlin, and Holiday Siebold who is out of reach now.


D00d, gratz!
Cherish that nice and sweet luck, we don’t know how long it will last. :3

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Yeah, this is after months of pulling garbage. I suck so many gems into getting Blue and only just now got him. We’re getting Leaf and Ethan soon so I guess we’ll see what happens then.

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Well I got a dupe and a Blue on one of my last few x10’s before I did 4 single pulls…

And ohhh…

The queen???

THE QUEEN has been forced to come home! :feh_hridexcited:

(When I saw the list, I got almost all of the 5*'s. I was contemplating for a solid 30 seconds whether I should get Lycanroc instead. OMEGALUL. I was shaken ngl.)



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I mean… it’s a 10% chance of pulling 5★. It’s probably a mix of luck together with an increased chance of success, I guess

I’ve been through the same. Since I got Cynthia in my first 10x scout attempt I started spending gems with Lance and instead of him I got like 3 or 4x 5★, one of them was Blue. 0 regrets, will probably spend a bit more as long as I keep 30k gems after accounting for the many gems in the next days


Man, I never expected someone to spend 40k gems in a single spotlight without getting the character, at least you got some other 5★ characters out of it.

And I guess Cynthia liked me a bit, this was my first 10x scout:


Me too, d00d… But desire sensor was messing with me big time. During the very first couple of banners when I started, I always got the focus or something when I pulled x10 once, I think this is the recession phase because I still had some luck before this. :feh_claudesmugger:
But hey, like you said, I got a total of 11 5★s, including dupes, along the way. I think what’s left were Oshawott, Lycanroc, and Liepard.

Cynthia be tsundere on us. But congrats anyway! :D

Time for me to start from 0 gems for the next possible focus, all over again. :man_shrugging:

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I’m actually Spanish and playing the game like this most of the time, in case you are confused on this lol

This was my only 10× pull and thank goodness I wouldn’t need to keep dropping gems for her, as there is another Sync Pair coming for whom I really think getting close to 5/5 Sync Move will help it better (Leaf & Eevee). I also got Blue for the third time on this one, and it’s also the only time I have gotten more than one 5☆ on a 10× pull. Can’t really complain, btw.


While I certainly don’t understand it, I’m not confused. Haha
There’s many people who play in different languages that I’ve seen, so you’re good, d00d. :ok_hand:

Congrats, gamer! :D
Luck’s def shining on you. Nice.
Also, who doesn’t like a cutesy Eevee? Go for it. :)

Yep, no complaining here. Lol
I’ve done it a few times when I first started, feels really good. Hope your luck stays for a while, unlike mine. xd

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I got very, very lucky, and got Cynthia on my 3rd pull!

Am now back to using gems on the Lance event, partly to get Lance, mostly because of the 10% 5* chance.

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