Da vinci command code

Increase own NP Strength by 15% (1 turn) when attacking with the engraved card.

So I was wondering how exactly this command code works? Do I need to use the engraved card before the NP? Or will it work as long as it’s part of the command chain?


You have to hit with the card that has this engraved first


You’ve gotta use it before the NP to trigger
I’ve put it on my casgil’s buster, so using it I go B NP A or whatever
It’s good on characters that need a NP boost


Personally, I think it would work best on an ST quick servant. I was hoping it would be the other way around because I wanted to put it on my Gil or Okitan… Jack or Kama it is then!

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But Kama have Quick buff in her NP :fgo_ereshconfused:

So I put it on Gil buster card to make BNPBE chain :fgo_gilgalaugh:

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But this is NP strength up, it’ll work synergictally. I was thinking of putting it on an arts or buster card. BQQ for increased damage or AQQ for more looping.


Either would work tbh
Depends of you need more damage or lööps


I always put the Buster NP first unless I’m trying to kill off one of the accompanying low HP mobs before using an ST NP on the Boss. AoE buster NPs are always first.


Archer Gil already has 30% NP Strength Up in his kit, making this 15% boost slightly less impactful. Might as well NPBBE since the face cards benefit from the 2nd and 3rd position while the NP does not.

A Quick Servant often benefits by leading an NP with a Buster since starting with a Quick NP isn’t very beneficial unless you have access to a good Brave Chain. Alternatively, the Brave Chain won’t matter because the target(s) will be dead after the NP.


This CC is also good on servants whose NP modifier scales with HP. Summer Pirates, Hiji, Hot Wheels, etc. And those with SE damage—Carmilla, Morgan, etc.

Arts servants who meet one of the above, like Robin and Hokusai, and who can refund with their cards want to put the NP first, but you could stick this on their Buster to get in a little more damage if the right brave chain isn’t accessible.


I don’t like the idea of using them on Arts servants, since I don’t think I’d appreciate the difference that much.

I was thinking along the lines of SE damage with Quick NPs benefitting the most.

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I’ve engraved it on one of Hokusai’s Arts cards so I get the NP buff + a def debuff (S3) on the enemy before the NP hits.


Now that you mention it, I have used an arts card before her NP to compensate for a Boss’s higher HP…

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It made a massive difference for Nyalter during the Barbatos raids. She had the unfortunate attribute match-up, but this CC basically canceled it out and she’d kill him with about 40-60k overkill.


You guys have this all wrong. You use DaVinci where the cards after the np don’t matter at all, like :fgo_arashsmile:

unless you’re seeking to hear the delightful tones of arash at victory time


I use on Gil because he is SSR has biggest NP level that I have right now :catcry:


Okay just going to say that in regards to Kama that it is VASTLY better on her Busters than her Art card.

If you put it into the GP chain calculator (I’m assuming DSS buffs) you will see that Kama gets more NP using a Np-A-Q-Ex or a Np-Q-A-Ex chain than she does an A-Np-Q-Ex chain. Since the whole point of starting a A-Np chain is to generate more NP this means that in most situations you DO NOT want to start any Np-brave chain with her using an arts card.

Conversely, starting a Brave chain with B-Np-Q-Ex generates the exact same (or more) NP and does way more damage than either Np-B-Q -Ex or Np-Q-B-Ex.

In fact it will do slightly more damage than a NP-Q-Q-Ex chain though you should prioritize the NP-Q-Q-Ex chain as it generates way more np and stars.

So, There is literally no drawback to putting it on one of her Buster cards. It makes both her np and her final quick card hit way harder.

I consider it her Best in Slot command card for her Buster cards.


Yeah, it’s easy to use this CC poorly and difficult to find a nice place for it on a servant roster.

Like just recently I used a level 100 Martha Ruler support that had this on buster. On the one hand, I appreciate the Martha Ruler love, but on the other hand her NP inflicts defense down, so she wants to use her busters after NP, not before.

Personally I just tossed it on a Tamamo Cat Buster for now since she can’t Quick chain with her NP and she’s going to hit harder by using a buster before NP. So was just the easiest pick for me since most of the others I’m very divided on whether to give them this card or not. Might move it around in the future though.


:fgo_tomoethink: :fgo_tomoewoah:

Sasuga senpai!


I put it on one of Herc’s buster. Because herc is a solo last stand servant he will always have that card available when he’s ready to unleash his np…

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