Da Vinci Lotto Degen Farming

Just like the Xmas lotto, post your progress in your lotto box farming here. When the ALL node comes out, if you need any help with comps (or any problems in general) check out Da Vinci Rerun 3-Turn Farming

Good luck to all and happy farming!


DW has got to stop timegating stuff :fgo_jeannu:


How many days will the final node be available for anyways?

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My degen farming starts when the Caster node unlocks.
My plan currently is:

  • regen AP until Caster
  • spam farm that one with manuscript bonus to finish gold
  • clear other nodes once as they unlock, then go back to Caster
  • farm bronze and silver’s best nodes with max bronze/silver bonus respectively to finish quickly with these shops (I’m skipping red and blue gems so that’ll be pretty fast)
  • once the All node unlocks I’ll spam that

The plan is to stock up on hearts so I won’t have to worry about them, then start farming the more efficient lotto node asap. I won’t manage to use all my apples in 3 days most likely so starting early is a must (also to nab more CE drops if I get lucky).


IIRC, it opens on the 7th day (Jan 16), so 4 days.


I too will start from the Caster node although if I get bored over the weekend I may use a few bronze apples.

4 days of the All node sucks but at least it goes across a weekend.

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I’m burning my bronze apples in hopes of early CE drops. Waiting to get out of heart hell forever when Caster node opens too.

I’m running the advanced node for bronze and silver shop CEs and then I’ll degen hard on the zerk node.

Since I only have one MLB of each currency CE, I’m gonna spend my bronze apple on the advance node to max the drops. Also cause I need gears.

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exactly what my plan is. i has so many bronze apples i can deal with it without touching my 130 golden apples.

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I realized too late that I did not have mlb copies of the event ces, and I’m not rolling in this banner, so sadly my drops are low. Luckily, I’m able to 4-turn the Zerk node with best boy Arash, my own Hoku and my partner’s Abby with mlb shop CE (alternatively a Waver with gold drop or lotto drop), so I can farm quickly and efficiently, making the +3 gold drop not that detrimental to my farming.
Currently only spending bronze and silver apples until I can purchase the ces from the shop with all currencies, to put on my support, then its AP regen. Planning on clearing a few lottery boxes early on, too, and hopefully have a Davinci+Romani CE drop, but the last goal is but a dream yet :fgo_jeannu:

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I just thought about the final node for the lotto so i have no idea about what focus at the start.

I’m running the intermediate right now with full silver currency CEs on every servants but the drops are quite bad so i should probably go straight to the zerk node.

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Reminder for everyone to remember to do one of the bonus missions for some lotto drops, which is why I’m trying to grab all the shop CEs just now


I’m running the zerker node for claws. Sadly only have one mlb of the CE for the mona lisa drops. So only +2. Have managed one CE from the shop, and both CE from each roulette. Haven’t cleared them yet to even reset one.

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Is it better to focus on either Fake or True from the start or simply farm both?

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If you speak about bonus missions - if you need both lotos, than go for True. As grinding nodes will be tilted a bit towards False otherwise, due to all support casters and maybe zerk dps.

If you mean appereance up CE - do not bother, extra drop CE are better no matter your plan


Had been wondering if those appearance CEs were as useless as they looked. Good to know.

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Just finished buying all 4 Scholars. Having 2 mlb Art of Death, 1 mlb of each of the other two and 2-3 non-lb of each really helped.

Originally, my plan was to focus on Novice after that to clear as much bronze stuff as possible due to decent drops/AP, but urgh is farming that node slow, not going through that pain anymore.

Spending my few remaining bronze and silver apples on farming the zerker node now and then wait for AP to recover.

For now, focus on Advanced for a few days (just got 2 Gears to drop).

Then Caster node for Hearts. I really need like 100+ of those: ascension aside, Gils & (hopefully) Waver eat too many Hearts to max skill. Should I leave Waver at 1/1/1 since his battery is already available?

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I got a CE drop from advanced this early wtf?!?!??!

Got enough Bronze and Silver currency for the shop CEs. Gonna go down on the Berserker Node HARD now