Da Vinci Rerun 3-Turn Farming

Next month is the Da Vinci and the 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits Rerun!

And that means a lottery filled with all your favorite launch-era bronze materials. :)

Similar to the Xmas Lotto Prep, I started working on a spreadsheet for setups for this node.

Uh, the problem is…Da Vinci is a little more complicated to represent in a spreadsheet. Lots of different spawns means attribute modifiers (and in one case, class advantage) changes, so the amount of effort involved in each team comp goes waaaayyyy up.

I’m going to focus on my efforts on the best node for the lotto currency. The lotto drop CE gives us 50% starting NP Gauge, so coming up with your own comp is a lot less difficult than Xmas 3.

As always, let’s use this thread to discuss team comps, correct my errors in the spreadsheet, and

Event Information: http://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/quest_event_20180110.php
NP Damage Calculator: https://maketakunai.github.io/

(Gamepress didn’t make a guide for this when it first came around?)


>open sheet
>immediately greeted by this


Ah, yes… just how i like it.


Yay, looks like my Amakusa will get to do some work. What good are all those NP levels if you can’t ignore class affinity? :slight_smile:

Too bad there’s a chance for an Avenger with 230k HP in the last wave. :upside_down_face:

Otherwise yes, Amakusa’s hefty NP charge and AoE NP would be very useful.

Ah, forgot about that possibility there!

Well, back to the regular suspects, I suppose.

Hardest working man on GP.


I’ll add any comments I feel necessary here and/or answer any questions in the coming days when I’ve got the mental space. I know I’m more, more than prepared, and that farming at every node will more-or-less - if not actually - be a cakewalk, but… bleh, stuff. Even folks less prepared than myself shouldn’t struggle too much for a 3~4T, especially if they’ve made it through NF.

Still, easy farm session, moderate difficulty at worst IMHO.

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Yeah 4-slot comps really open it up for you.

And only the All node is actually troublesome to farm now

I can’t remember for sure now, but do the spawn bonus CEs apply to the Servant enemies as well?

The CEs from the lottery, Maiden Leading Chaldea and Merciless One, increase enemy spawn of the specific kind (True or False) by 100% (200% MLB).

Forgot Sizzle
Still, thanks to jakeyb that I now know what do to for upcoming lotteries, it’s just the meme


isn’t saber the best node though, iirc?

I’m always appreciative of sizzle.

It’s just kinda in his job description.


The Wikia site says that the Saber Node is best for manuscripts while Cirnopedia says that Rider is the best. Both the Wiki site and this site say that the All node is the best and these two sites actually have the drop data so I’m more inclined to believe them.


alrighty, though is this not counting enemy duplication ces? I can’t tell

I don’t think it’s counting the enemy duplication CE’s. The disclaimer a the top of the drop rate page says it’s not counting CE or Servant boosts. Also on the actual event page of the Wiki site, there’s a little section that says that using the drop rate CE is better than the enemy dupe CE.

It is always nice to see proactive people sharing their ideas.

I haven’t got a Waver of my own so none of the teams are usable but I can modify it a bit and drop another Scholar.
After that I should be able to 3 turn it so thank you.

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As a refernce, I found this by reddit user and gamepress staff member @Trubothedwarf for JP’s rerun at the time; should be 100% valid for NA as well.

It doesn’t have any comps for the node we’re gonna be spamming (the final mixed one), but may come in handy regardless.


Information about this event is all over the place.

I’m assuming this event is like every other one and that the final node is the best, but I’ve been wrong before. :man_shrugging:t2:

Re: spawn CEs, in this doc I’m going to assume you’re running a full drop bonus and not caring about spawn bonus.

Also, apparently certain classes give drop bonuses—knights bonus true, cavalry bonus false, and extra bonus both.


@MUGI There is no enemy duplication CE.

What some of the CEs influence is whether the enemy slot is a True or False enemy.

So, in the All Node, that’s the difference between Elisabeth or Carmilla in the Assassin slot.

Or Jeanne d’Arc vs Jalter in the Boss slot.

Now, if you have any ideas on how to represent that in the spreadsheet…lemme know.

Might be easier just to collect all the data and then let people tick boxes/use drop downs with their servant and NP level? This level of spreadsheet magic is beyond me atm.

The CE I have in the spreadsheet—Scholars of Chaldea—is the lotto currency drop bonus CE.