Da Vinci Rerun Roll Thread - Hail the Dragon Witch!

Yorokobe mina, the time has almost come. With the Da Vinci event scheduled to drop on the 10th we will soon have the chance to roll for best burnt french toast waifu Jalter. Whether you’ve saved up your free quartz or you’re breaking out the credit card here’s blessings for all of your rolls!

And in case you forgot why you even considered Jalter best waifu:


I mentioned it another thread but I don’t know what to do!

I might splurge one more time, but do I go for Jeanne or second copy of Hokusai?

Jalter joint favourite servant but I think Hokusai needs to be NP2… decisions decisions :thinking:

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Jalter is already very good at NP1 since her buster crit damage can hit NP level damage.

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Not rolling on this one. Good luck to everyone that is :fgo_umu:

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Over 300 sq and 50 tickets! I should have a decent chance!


Don’t forget that the event finally gives us her Shinjuku outfit!

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I love her and I still need a real avenger (my Angry Mango doesn’t count), also she carried me when I started FGO, a friend accepted newbye me and carried me :slight_smile:

So I will try to get her for sure with a few rolls


Good luck everyone rolling for her or Da Vinci! I’ll be rooting for all of you


I’m going to be passing on this one. Not that I have Quartz to roll with even if I wanted to, gotta start saving for the Dantes + Skadi back to back bloodbath.


I already have my waifu but I’ll probably spend a few tickets on the off chance she decide to grant me her presence again.
There is no such thing as too much Jeanne after all :fgo_musashismug:


My alt account will have around 7-10 SQZ for her.

Obviously with this astounding sum of SQZ i’ll get her.

Yes. I like dreaming. Mapo Tofu, i can already taste you


Not rolling for Jalter I have angra for Avengers so Good Luck everyone.

This world does not deserve you


Bro’s before angry tsundere witches.


If I can get her in 5 Tickets, I’m sure everything can work out for you all too. Sending my Jalter luck to everyone!


Jalter is really strong, her neutral NP isn’t anything to write home about, but damn do her Crits do damage. Good luck to everyone rolling for her, she’s really fun in crit teams.

Uuu. I’m tempted but I’ll also probably be passing up this one. Kara no Kyoukai is close while I also need to save for Skadi and Zero rerun. Its sad, but priorities are in due. SQ just doesn’t fall from the sky. Fortunately, she still has 2 more future rate ups for those that want her. Would probably try to get her on next year’s New Year’s banner or if not, in that other event where she has a rate up.

Clearing Okeanos and some free quests gave me around 43 SQZ, maybe i’ll reach 60…i hope.

Will use them for Jalter, but only because i can afford wasting this amount just this time

Okay everyone, make your last minute preparations! For once we hit midnight PST it will be time for battle!

May Jalter bless all your Chaldeas!

To everyone in this thread, I’ll be taking your lucks.