Da Vinci vs Nero Caster vs Anastasia

I just lucksacked a da vinci recently and been wondering about in which cases each of the 3 aoe ssr casters are better. What do you guys think about that?

Also it makes no sense to me why it’s da vinci > nero caster > anastasia in the tier list and they didn’t talk about that in the recent updates.

EDIT: A thing that I discovered and may be important to the discussion is that the np damage on da vinci is wrong on the “strongest np against x” page is wrong, it’s listed as the one before her np upgrade, at np1 she’s actually the highest damaging aoe caster np

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Nero Caster is better for 3 turning. Anastasia is better for looping. Da Vinci is kind of a hybrid.

I guess people put Da Vinci first because she can competently fill both roles?

Nastya is the general-purpose winner as long as you aren’t having damage issues. At low NP levels she might struggle since her big burst is 1T only. She usually needs plugsuit support to 3T loop currently, but she will do so easily when we get Castoria.

Nero’s damage ceiling is high for her class, and being able to target her s3 is occasionally a nifty bit of team damage support.

Da Vinci is a cool Servant who doesn’t refund well despite being Arts because of her 1-hit NP. Plays more like Nero in AoE nuking terms.


Sanzang is my preferable choice for ST Caster nukeage! I know she wasn’t on your list but boy does she enjoy 100 slaps to the face. I think my best was 5 NP’s over 7T with her.


Just a shame her steroid is 1T so most of those NPs will be potato.

On topic: All 3 have their pluses for sure, Nero is one of my favourite Servants so I am super biased but Da Vinci’s 70% battery is just really useful in double Waver plugsuit comps


BTW, what about the imminent Murasaki?

Shhh, no one tell them

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Nero wins by default just because of her voice lines. No contest.

“Ni-ice, naisu, naisu body!”


Murasaki’s biggest plus is that she is an extremely capable hybrid.
Her kit can be used for farming but they also have a lot of utility in countering game mechanics.
She won’t match a dedicated support but she has enough effects to make her viable for most battles.

I’m extremely biased but personally her versatility makes me rate her higher than the other 3 mentioned in this thread.

If it is a factor then she is fully capable of looping even at release.

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To me, Da Vinci takes top slot mainly for self-sufficiency. A huge amount of personal batteries over her skills makes her very simple to use out of the box, even if her ceiling doesn’t get much higher. Healing off Natural Body also makes her a great fit for Black Grail, even on long-ish fights where it starts to matter.

Anastasia is a close second by default because of our knowledge of Castoria and how easily she can loop in that setup, with bonus points for being quite capable in the meantime if you have enough looping support. Even if she does fail to kill the 3rd wave, her stun normally reduces the size of the problem, both stopping the enemies actions and their animations, so the time blowout isn’t that huge either. Plus, she is just very fun, both in terms of playstyle and character.

Caster Nero is good when there’s something sticky to get rid of, like a high HP ghost, and she’s capable of NPing twice in a fight without too much help. If you’ve got the resources, she plays very nicely in with Merlin and Helena - a superscope on Nero and anything with 60%+ on Helena (I normally use my MLB DB but Sakurascope does the job just fine), combined with 10% from the Mystic Code of your choosing means 3 NPs, with a good mix of buffs, for 3 waves of dead Assassins, easy. But she does need the most propping up for that magical 3-turn clear.

In terms of a one-stop-shop, though, I do have to agree with those mentioning Murasaki. She can farm at the very least adequately, and the extra anti-boss tools in her kit, the debuff immune/buff wipe immune combo especially, make her a more capable all-rounder on a limited budget, and her anti-Demonic buff can be ridiculously useful for offing irritating midbosses.


Everyone: talking about Murasaki, Nero, Anastasia, and Da Vinci

Me: sitting here with only a Caster of Nightless City spook…


I don’t have Nastya, but between DV And Nero, 99% of the time Nero for me so far (even at NP1, but Nero is NP4 since the rerun banner), since I only use them for farming anyway.

Nero herself to clear W1 or W2, and her S3 to help Nito + Superscope or mlbBG (or some event CE) b*tchslap W2/W3 has been one of my most common farming setups for assassin nodes during events.

I have NP1 DV at solid skill levels, but I’ve only used her once or twice, because a) entirely selfish skillset and b) not enough damage (especially since one of her steroids has a chance to fail).
I honestly think GP are underrating Nero’s S3. One of the best support skills in the game.


Me: Sitting here with my Cas Eli

Chen gong is the true answer.


It is a top tier support skill for :fgo_arashsmile:
It allows him to hit even harder and blow up two waves or even let him say his victory lines :fgo_arashaha:

Jokes aside I agree that it is a useful skill.
A targetable 50% attack buff is pretty handy, especially if you have enough damage and gauge to reach the other benchmarks.

So you haven’t got Cardboard-kun from the Apoc collaboration event?
He is an amazing budget option and in all honesty could probably surpass most SSRs unless they have higher NP level when it comes to farming or looping.
That is why I’m more interested in what Casters can do outside of those teams.

If it means anythng, imo when we get castoria, all these casters are pretty much equal in farming. It all depends on if the node has enemies that falls into their respective niche (sieg=dragon, murasaki=demonic, and schen=king)

I mean, that was mainly a joke. I have him, but I generally prefer using Okitan to deal with Assassin waves, or my Nitocris if I need or want to use an AoE Caster.

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I’ve had DaVinci since debut banner. I absolutely love her with multiple batteries making b2b nps sometimes possible. The 85% chance of np strength up on s1 makes her harder to rely on for serious lottery grinding, but she’s great when I’m going to be facecarding anyway during events. And there’s been many times her invincibility pierce has come in handy.

From what I remember, nero probably hits harder than DaVinci and you don’t have to worry about buffs failing. She’s also semi support and I kind of wish I had her so I can use her 50% atk up and guts on my super Arash…

I haven’t played with Anastasia enough to really compare.

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For me it really depends on your account .For farming , if you have a mlb scope and a bride/tamamo you might find anastasia a lot more useful than the other two due to her looping ability .Casnero having a targetable 50% attack buff is also very useful combined with a nito with a mlb scope and a support.On the other hand I feel like da vinci is more suitable for a “recent” account that might not have a mlb scope or a scope due to her 70% battery.So if you have the ce/servants to make these 3 function optimally , i feel like the right order would be:
Ana>casnero>da vinci.

I think the reason that DaVinci is rated highest is two fold:

  1. She has the biggest battery of the three
  2. At np1 she has the strongest NP of the three of them which is only strengthened further with a stronger overcharge than Nero (ignoring trait damage)