Dagr and Nott Video

Didn’t see a topic or post of the video so I thought I would post it here

This is honestly an interesting and incredible video

It gives insight on to why Nott and Dagr act the way they do towards each and why they have to fight. It also shows their conflicting sides with Dagr being against the idea (at first) to Nott completely accepting it at the drop of a hat

To me, this shows how they care for each other but also understanding that their duty requires them to fight. Honestly, this video makes me feel a lot more respect to the both of them and I love that they still feel the same from when they were first introduced

What do you guys think of the video? How did it affect your views on Nott and Dagr?


Is it me or it feels like IS keeps trying to make Nott look like shit and Dagr like an actual Mary Sue?


That was great and my opinion on Nott has changed slightly.


It really bugs me that this competition thing is a tradition that’s been going on for generations but they’re only finding out about it when it’s about to happen. Like is this really the kind of thing you want to surprise people with? Are they not learning anything about their own culture, as part of being raised to be possible queen? Are they so extremely pacifistic that they can’t fathom the idea of fighting being anything but malevolent? That all seemed really odd to me.

Apart from that, I dunno, it’s okay. I don’t expect very much at all from feh characters so it’s good to see them making an effort to expand upon them somewhat. I’d be happy to see this kinda thing more in the future.


Ngl kinda sad to see them having been so close only for them to be turned against each other like that. Good to know that Nott isn’t completely terrible if she didn’t like it, but still kinda crappy that they she just went with it because “it’s tradition.” At least Dagr tried to question and avoid the whole thing, further cementing her as the better Jötun sister in my books. Ngl the whole thing kinda reminds me of Black Panther and the whole theme of how just because something works and is tradition doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good and shouldn’t be changed. Also I agree with what @Easier_Iron_Myths said, if this is truly something that’s been tradition for generations then how the heck did they not know about it?

Also the response from their mother when Dagr said to just give Nott the throne be like:
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Also speaking of their mother… show us what she looks like you cowards. give us a buff milf


Well, the 3H music in the back was cool.

The story they told was fine, and interesting insight into the two characters, but the writing was terrible.
“why can’t she speak to us individually?”
“Actually I think she wants to see both of us”
I literally knew what Dagr was going to say the second Nott said the first line. There were some other examples, but the writing was painful to listen too/read.

Dagr also sounded like a petulant teenager, which…not a great sound. Her voice itself is fine, but there was something about the tones and inflections she used that really didn’t sit well with me.


Damn that’s an interesting video that FEH is never going to mention in the story ever, nor is their competition ever going to end. See you girls in Forging Bonds next year, ok?


If both of them survive, that is. And even then, that “honor” will go to Reginn and her nonexistant character.