Dagr is the strongest unit(y) in the game

This feels familiar. Anyway…

Welcome back to another unit showcase, this time featuring the superior Jötun Princess Dagr of Jötunheimr! Easily one of my favorite OCs with her cheerful, kind, and strong-willed personality. As some of you may already know, I managed to finish merging her to +10 on June’s legendary banner where she shared with Legendary Byleth and Hel. You may be thinking that even with 10 merges, there’s absolutely no way this title could possibly be accurate. Combat mythics are bad, right? No extra stats from mythics. Boooooooo! Well, turns out, Dagr is the exception, not the rule. How, you may ask? Well, I’ll let the build speak for itself:

“Obstruct? Wtf is wrong with you, dumbass”

Obstruct prevents enemies from moving past her so that I can afford to play a little more aggressively with her supports. Since she is not getting mythic bonuses, proper support becomes more necessary. Unity stacks with her weapon’s effect of turning penalties into buffs, meaning she can reach unga bunga levels of power despite her mythic status. “But won’t a sword unit kill-” yeah okay Dagr doesn’t give a shit, do you SEE how much Def she gets from this?

Now, an actual valid concern would be ranged units since Dagr cannot counterattack them. How do we beat them? Well, allow me to introduce you to Dagr’s BFF:

Do I need to say more? Spring Idunn handles most of the ranged units who could hope to threaten Dagr, such as Duo Líf, since Far Save is a fair and balanced skill. Idunn denies follow-ups and neutralizes penalties, which means I neither have to worry about her getting doubled nor falling prey to a Dark Shrine. Being a dragon means that she does not need to worry about Windsweep, as no one uses Watersweep unless for some reason they enjoy getting swept by Bector. All these qualities make Spring Idunn the ideal partner for Dagr.

Since I managed to pull a few Henriettes and it’s Infantry School bonus week, I decided to try this team out to see how it does. The results? Well, only gonna post mock battles since I’ve yet to face a competent defense this season and I want to showcase how well Dagr does vs actual maps. You all know what happens now. Time for some booli!

Vs a B!Catria ball, the bane of end turn comps. Well, most of them.

Dagr does not care about adaptive damage, double attacks, or her inferior sister. Finish features one of the most broken units ever added to the game… as she kills a Fallen Edelgard.

Another Catria ball, but this one has a dancer

Huh. Green actually beating blue? Color me surprised.

Duo Sigurd dance trap, which is actually a good map since I don't use the playpen

Gotta admit, this one took a few tries. I kept messing up my approach. More accurately, I kept messing up turn 2. In one attempt Eldigan doubled and killed Flayn while I was going for pots. Oops.


Baiting from there allows me to avoid Bow Hinoka’s attack, and then I player phase her on turn 2 after she moves down. No weapon on Duo Peony meant free pots.

Vs Sigurd. No, not that Sigurd. The strong but not broken Sigurd.

NFU Sun-Twin Wing is one hell of a drug. Obstruct was immensely helpful here.

BoobaCaeda and Nifl? Not a problem for Dagr

What is effective damage anyway?

That smile. That damned smile. She’ll wear it proudly as she’s kicking your ass.


Why use strike through when you speak the truth :feh_lucinasmug:

I seriously hope I can get those last 5 merges for mine when she comes back in November.


why’d you have to tell everyone my long kept secret?




I’ve been planning this build for awhile

also I highly doubt either of us were the first to use it, especially since F!Ike with the same set has been a thing




She stronk, cool and cool looking


the moment I pulled her I killed my only B!Dimitri for her unity but yeah, technically @dimitrisnoodlehair would be the OG for this build.

… … Hang on… …

Noodles… Did I tell you to give Ike unity or did you come up with that? Cuz it’s been a long ass time, I don’t remember.


Hmm I saw that B!Dimi had Atk/Def Unity and thought “hmm that’d be fun on drunk Ike, but I don’t want to sack a Dimitri” and then I started waiting for Atk/Res Unity, and then when it released I sparked for it immediately :fgo_think:

One of my earlier threads was a poll asking what I should do with a spare B!Dimi since I’d gotten an extra copy, and the options were “merge” or “sack to Ike” (the first option won ofc)


Peeps be dumb. B!Dimitri is… Well, he’s good. But not as good as F!Ike…

I gave Altina Def Unity too just because… No regerts there.


AR battles huh? Nothing beats good ol’ Auto-Dispatch!

Nice showcase though.


tenor (9)



F!Ike overrated

Dagr is where it’s at


As far as weapon goes, Fike trades extra stats for distant counter . You be the judge of that trade off. He however can pick any most scary A slots and can stack blessing bonuses. Ofc no pathfinder and special B skill. DR or atk/spd Lull is good enough for tanking/dueling. He loses out in support but inches better in flexibility in build and game modes.



ngl even though I think his FEH art is great, the original is better (and imo in FEH they should’ve gone with his Hero class outfit for this instead of using his Vanguard class outfit again, but that’s just me). I’d add more onto this but this is the Dagr thread and not the drunk Ike thread so I’ll stop for now

Back on topic, Dagr’s pretty awesome. She may have only existed for a few months so far but she’s one of my favorite FEH OCs :fgo_jeannyes:
I’d love to have a copy of her just to have her, and it’d also be pretty fun if IS released another “debuff ally team” demerit unit like Thrasir but with a -5/-6 spec debuff or something :feh_reinyes:


No wonder she says she wants to get taller


And apparently her mother is several times bigger than her, so who knows how much she might grow

Give us the buff mom you cowards


That was my question.

Dagr is more adorable but Fike seems better suited between being able to use blessings, DC just because, and the same set up except color.

What say you to this? Pros and cons?