Dagr +Spd or +Def ? Is mass duel simulator accurate?

I use Dagr mostly in AR as slot-giver and movement-extender, she has base skills + Moonbow. Now I got another and am trying to figure out if I should merge into +Def or +Spd.

Sources advise that +Spd or +Atk is better, but when I tried both boons in mass duel simulator, then +Def seemed to get slightly more KO-s. That is rather confusing…



I would go with +Spd merely to absorb Light Shrines. She gets stronger with penalties and if you slap on a unity they stack. The reason why Def would get more KOs is because she’s a mythic so her HP isn’t going to be nearly as high as your tanks so she generally dies to one hit, the extra defense preventing that(Probably).

Pick your battles wisely with a mythic otherwise they’re going to die pretty easily. +Spd IVs allows you to get a better edge on the speed demons while also being more vulnerable to chills/shrines that could boost Dagr instead of hindering your allies. The extra defense isn’t going to gain you too many more survivals as mentioned above.


+spd all the way. Dagr really shouldn’t be tanking too much unless she has some serious support. Your mythics are rarely going to be your carries in AR, they’re usually more for support.


Thanks, I totally forgot about Shrines. My AR raiders are mostly ranged and occasional melee unit is mainly just destroying obstacles or repositioning.

I’ll have +Spd +1 Dagr!