Daily Chat Thread: How good is a good day?

Chat away here! Anything, and everything, is on-topic as long as it falls within forum rules.


as long as i get to play videogames and watch anime after work it’s a good day for me

How much good could a good chuck chuck if a good chuck could chuck good? ;)

FINALLY done my readings for the night, thank gooodness… I’ve been listening to vaporwave all day and I’m thinking of trying my hand at producing a song sometime. Even though I have no idea how, lul… what is everyone else up to?

Vaporwave :fgo_deadinside:

That kind of music is beyond me.

Just got home and things seem to be calming down, so preparing to relax, here

Listen, I’m that weird kind of person who actually likes elevator music. So relaxing…

So if I do actually end up producing, you’re saying that I totally should send my songs to you first to get feedback, right? :laughing:

I can guarantee you that my feedback will be extremely helpful in all the wrong ways :slight_smile:

a good day is when i can actually muster the will power to finish what i need to do and do what i want to do instead of wasting time on things i don’t want to do but somehow end up spending lots of procrastination time on.

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Day’s going pretty well - the transition from Q&A seems to be pretty smooth so far!

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“8.5/10, I could really feel the elevator in the music, down to the creepy guy breathing on my neck and the rush to get out as soon as possible.”

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A good day for me starts when all my coworkers come in to work rather than being late or AWOL with no or a lame excuse and continues until I get home without incident.

Days off are all good days for me. :grin:

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Currently as a neet, a good day is one I can sleep enough time to not feel dizzy, being able to spend quality time with my family and overall have a calm, slow, peaceful day. If the weather is consistently cloudy, windy or rainy, that’s a really good plus. It is a must, though, to have enough time to listen to any music I feel like and play some games in private.


And a new day starts today, with a lot more on the horizon it seems

new definition of a good day?
when things work.

They say it’s good to be optimistic

it’s a good day when I finally be alone playing games after finishing my life stuff.

pretty ok tbh

A good day is good because it’s good.
What makes it good? Goodness.

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Not many people talk here, do they? My day isn’t bad so far. I’m enjoying myself, though I am shirking my studies a bit too much. Eh, it’s fine. There’s always enough time.

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Pretty okay day. Never saw this, but I might as well leave my input lol

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