Daily reminder

Only 3 more days left until the CYL3 units arrive. Don’t be cracking under pressure ;p


3 more days until my precious Brady gets Atk/Spd Push 4.


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If CYL is on the 16th (most likely), the banner will last for a long time. You could always keep saving :birbpeek:
It’s actually going to even last past the end of the Legendary Julia banner :thinking:

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Y’all are talking CYL, when I’m more worried about the daily banner of that day :tooobin:


You could save until the very end of the Free CYL 3 banner. That ends, what, next year?

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Probably 2 years, seeing how the CYL 1 Free Banner will end this year :thinking:

Oh wow. So yeah, we have a while to save. The CYL units have chances to be on focus banners if I recall.

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Still saving and still fine until 1 day left on the banner.
Yeah,I’m fine:

Fine…totally fine…


Hopefully you’ll get the +10 Brave Camilla you desire :birbpeek:

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Good luck with Camilla
You’ll be able to +10 her soon

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If not on this banner,then on the Legendary or Mythic banner she’s gonna be appearing in.

'Cause I highly doubt I can +10 her with 1 150 orbs now.

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105 orbs per Camilla requires lots of luck, but it’s possible :thinking:

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What do you mean I’m perfectly fine



i’m more excited about the fact that Sigma was added to the live servers today and Borderlands 3 is a month away



More like 3 days left for my vacations for me :tooobin:

Thanks for the reminder about free units and Paralogue Orbs. :feh_corrinmug:

I’ll take my free Brave Camilla, free summon, and quit. I’m more interested in Flora potentially being on the Solo skills banner – although if she shares with Lethe I won’t bother with more than one reel due to being burned by color sharing before. Glares at the two Lukases I got from Fortress skills banners when I wanted Kliff.

I also want more L-Tiki merges.

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It’s coming on the 20th, and those are the exact focuses

Sure hoping Lukas doesn’t get in the way, I need a Kliff.

I’ve forgotten if you can or not, so I’ll ask. Can you summon on the banner before taking your free pick? :feh_maethink:

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Yeah, IS just copied a whole bunch of skill banners. It should be the same units :birbpeek:
I have a Kliff, but it’s my only copy & I like to hoard :catroll: