Daily routine during dead weeks

Since we are in the midst of a long dead week before the halloween grind. I’m curious at what’s your daily routine assuming all SQs and interludes are done and you are up to date with the story.

For me, i just do the training grounds once each for the gems and then spam the Doors until reset. I also farm the spine node in shinjuku with my refreshed CA for fast farming.

I usually just run the 40 AP node for doors because QP will always be a problem


Dead week activities:

  • Notice it’s after 11pm local time.

  • Open app

  • Collect login

  • Close app

  • Repeat


Mat grinding atm. Need some Dusts for Gil for Xmas lotto grinding, and some Ascension mats for the Servants who showed up post Nerofest Embers.

DOORS, DOORS, DOORS. QP hell is real :fgo_deadinside:


Usually grind xp levels several times a day. But now that I’ve cleared all available interludes and most rankups, it is just QP farming instead.

Daily’s during dead weeks? What are those? Do they taste good?

I don’t even do interludes or RUQs unless there’s half AP going on. (Exception: I need that servant for an event bonus or whatnot.)

I typically farm QP in the morning just to drain my AP bar before work. In the evenings, free quests to grind out whatever materials I need/am low on. Right now, I’m low on crystals, feathers, and gears (and the materials we’ll get with Xmas—lanterns, seeds, and babies), so I’m farming those.

I’m also looking ahead to EoR 4 and seeing what my casters need—Umu need feathers and shells, and Xuanzang needs crystals and horseshoes. So I’ll be farming for those skills too.

Luckily, Nerafest still got my gem-needs well covered, so I can safely skip class-dailies. What I’ve been doing last couple weeks is

  1. grind embers to raise Paru + darth Sabah to 80 - change of pace from the apple-/shiny-chucking I usually do to get it done in a day or two max, but it’s quite chill this way
  2. did a couple interludes + rank-ups, primarily those that upgrade NP/skill
  3. mass murdering skeletons in Fuyuki G (at times getting but a single bone off of them in 90 AP, wtf) - meshes well with current week’s Master Missions, too
  4. since QPeck is at some ~2M right now, I can add that to the schedule too, now
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Farm Door
Farm Ember
Clearing Free Quest
Farm BP
Farm Gears
So as I pray, Unlimited Farm Works


I feel you bro. I had over 200 mill QP during Nerofest. Then I brought a couple of skills up to 10 and now I’m at 70.

However, more pressing to me is the fall to the lowest depths of ember hell. Specially now that I just rolled an Altria and have no way to level her up.

Can’t even use the halloween 3 embers, those are reserved for Mecha-Elly.

I’ll just have to wait until the Xmas lotto.

As for my daily routine, it involves ignoring Shimosa.

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Farm doors. Farm doors all the way.

They’re delicious after marinating.

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I still have ~150 mil qp from 1/2 ap qp farming, so I have been farming bones and gears lately since I had several skills stuck on them and they won’t be in events for a while. Otherwise I’m just knocking on doors.

Currently grinding the new Shimosa mat for a certain Lancer in December. I also need more Lanterns Orz

Clear all Daily Quests. That’s all. I don’t feel like spending so much AP when I can do the other quests at 1/2 during campaigns.

Doors and Hands, but if there is a specific class that needs gems I’ll grind those on their respective day. Though I just finished Shimousa so I at least have some Free Quests to mix things up, because I’m done with everything else.

  1. Daily EXP
  2. Daily Class
  3. Daily QP
  4. Back to Number 3 until reset time.

Right now I’m switching between the Shimousa free quests and wacking the doors but when all are cleared I think I’ll farm bones or seeds.

In general on dead weeks I farm exp or QP.

  1. Farm Hands (at least once a day if there’s other things I need to do, otherwise as many times as I can)
  2. Farm Doors (at least once a day if there’s more I need to do, otherwise as many times as I can)
  3. Any Strengthening Quests that might be ready to go
  4. Any Interludes that might be ready to go
  5. The occasional run for bones at Fuyuki X-C (just to use up the extra AP if I know I’m not going to be on for an extended period)