Daily tasks

Of all the things we do in pokemon go for many reasons (XP, stardust, collecting, medals, PVE, PVP…)

  • Catching pokemon
  • Spinning discs
  • Openning sending gifts
  • Daily raid
  • Leaving pokemon in gyms
  • Levelling up megas
  • Trading
  • Battling in pvp
  • Sorting our item bag
  • Sorting our pokemon storage
  • Battle grunts
  • Interacting with your buddy
  • Checking IVs
  • Field tasks
  • Battle train with Candela and company

Which do you enjoy? Which do you hate? Do you have time for all of them? Did you stop doing some? Did you cheat to make any of them easier? (bracelets, alt accounts, fly, IV checkers…)

(I probably missed some more tasks)

I still enjoy catching Pokémons. I do find some events much more entertaining than others though (based on what mons are starred) but I kinda assume we all have our preferred species so it feels pretty normal. I actually love sorting out my pokémons, checking their IV’s and how good they are ranked for PvP (either based on their SP or thanks to the “IV deep dive” articles on Gamepress, love them btw).

I hate training battle. I do my battles against Candela. I run a TTar (AA and crunch, mostly “farm down” with AA, one crunch on Entei and one or two on Salamence to get some turns of free damage). It’s a hard battle per sé but I just hate it :smiley: Kinda same feeling for gift opening/sending. Even though I manage to skip some of the animation on opening, it feels like it takes forever to go through them all.

What about your favorite and least favorite tasks?

Once upon a time I used to spend some time getting the daily Smeargle. Not so much anymore.

It’s only when you list them that you realise how much there is to do. I’ll score them out of 10 for enjoyment and add notes.

  • Catching pokemon - 9 because I use a gotcha for farming and then when I play manually it’s for something I want, CDs, specific events etc.

  • Spinning discs - 7 but only because my gotcha and living on 2 gyms makes it easy. Only when I go away and I’m staying somewhere with 2 stops do I remember how much of a grind stocking up on standard items can be.

  • Opening sending gifts - 7, do this daily for about 15 friends for the lucky chance, building a select few up but otherwise it’s something I ignore.

  • Daily raid - 10, no such thing as a wasted free pass, even if the T5 is shit, I can always use RC and that slim chance of rare xl.

  • Leaving pokemon in gyms 5, even though I can do this easily, I’m lazy with this, especially since the item boxes got nerfed.

  • Levelling up megas 4, I really should do this more because I want more xl but habitually forget.

  • Trading - 9, I’ll mass trade with anyone, xl and luckies and I honestly find that gold shimmer when you go lucky friends/lucky trade as exciting as anything in the game. I really wish mass trading would happen (1 point off for that).

  • Battling in pvp 0 - I can’t even be bothered to do it for the ETM at the moment. I’ve got 32 ECTMs but I might need to top up after PB/OP come out.

  • Sorting our item bag - 4, it’s boring but I know my figures so it doesn’t take long.

  • Sorting our pokemon storage - 6 it can be exciting finding that hundo/shiny you’ve forgotten about but otherwise it’s a chore. I’d love an auto-name tool in game, although Pokegenie/Calcy etc are big helps.

  • Battle grunts - 10 - I love shadows, they’ve kept me interested when I’d orherwise have drifted off/gone casual. Great for dust, one of the rarest sources of shinies, although the battles are a bit tedious when you’re farming them.

  • Interacting with your buddy 3, forget this completely. To much like work.

  • Checking IVs - 4, see Pokegenie above, although I do enjoy seeing what a shiny is.

  • Field tasks 5, can take it or leave it

  • Battle train with Candela and company 2, yawn. If I needed evolution items I’d do one grudgingly.

Edit: Hatching eggs 6, gets a 6 for 12ks, otherwise a very badly weighted lottery full of absolute tat. Defit saves me on this because working full time from home and hating the local populous were I live makes walking an even bigger chore than it generally is.

Tl;dr I definitely don’t play manually as much these days but I think this and the automated help is keeping me playing.


If not for the balloons, I wouldn’t check into the game half as often as I do so they definitely keep me playing daily.

I also catch/shiny check everything around my home and ever since they redid the spawns I see a lot more just in my living room so I check in every half an hour or so if I’m bored.

There is a gym within reach of my mailbox so I will occasionally stroll down there and take it, but as mentioned coins have devalued a bit and I already have the gym spin streak badge so I don’t do that as often as I used to. It’s usually to grab the gym at 11:55 p.m. because a couple years ago the player that takes the gym every night used to screw me out of coins so now I do that to them haha.

I usually try to combine getting a buddy excited with popping friend eggs and I would definitely say I cheat to accomplish that(defit). Once I get the Platinum badge no more buddies though. I also battle Candela to get my buddy hearts but I use a Swampert and Ultra League and now I am wondering if ttar is faster.

If by some chance I actually get a break from work and get to leave for town it’s pretty traditional play, free raid pass, constant shiny checks for event mons and desperately spinning gyms and stops to get back all the items I need(1300+ below cap currently lol).

Mega evolving is something I should be doing but I just plain forget. Also, I don’t really irl meet too many people that play so I think I’ve done approximately three trades in my pokego career. I’m also pretty bad at sorting my Pokémon storage I’m constantly bumping up against my limit and furiously trying to find something I want to bin. I stopped pvping several seasons ago and I’m planning on building a team because the meta changed quite a bit so I’m tired of losing to rank 15s.

Back when incense was different, the routine was to throw one at home and use a bunch of balls and berries and then go out that evening to replenish them all at stops, but I’ve made my peace with that a long time ago.

That was much longer than I meant it to be. One more thing I like to do is look at event Shiny Pokemon I need and make an effort to catch as many of them as I can while they are out, especially costumed.

If you can’t tell, my favorite thing is shiny checking, badge progression, and watching eggs pop even though they’re usually 11/10/12 or something. Whenever I’m walking around though I always have the app out and I occasionally do at least one remote Mega and new legendary just to have each in the dex. I am definitely the collector player type.

Well, for all the bugs and stuff it looks like I spend a little more time playing this app than I thought hahaha, nice to see I’m not the only one!

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On the low end for me, nearly every day I cycle through 20 buddies earning them two hearts each (play and picture) and then set about getting whichever Mon I’m trying to get to 50 in to the excited state for half distance candy. Absolutely mind numbing.


I totally forgot eggs and yes, defit is great. I’d never be able to batch hatch 12ks without it.

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I did laugh at that, because it really can be like that with some stuff. How people manage 200 friends and a storage of 5k I don’t know

With the buddy can you not also feed them for a quick heart,? That’s what Nanab’s are for in my world.

I need to investigate this defit.

Android-only app that fibs your google fit app into thinking you’re walking distance while your phone is inactive. Because PoGo Adventure Sync takes its reading from the same google fit data, it also thinks you’re walking.

My favorites:

  • PvP
  • Raiding (not always daily, esp. in the winter)
  • Grunts
  • Trading (used to do it more but with moving and a lot of people not doing it as much, haven’t traded in months)

Least favorite:

  • Sorting storage (I’m pretty good at knowing how much of something I need but sometimes something creeps up on you)
  • Levelling Megas
  • taking gyms (won’t do it unless its one pass or I reeeaally have time to kill)
  • Catching (lol)

There’s a lot of things I used to like (such as the buddy mechanic) that I just don’t do anymore unless there’s a compelling reason to. I don’t “cheat” on any tasks since I see the purpose of the game (for me) is to explore the area, interact with new people, and engage in competition. Even catching I don’t much anymore unless there’s a new release. I have hundreds of candy for most species and no interest in XL.

Yes, I agree, the Nanab’s are strictly buddy fruit. The real buddy gets fed them. I ignored tossing fruit in to gyms for a long time, most of the Raz’s and Nanab are going there these days, plugging away to platinum medal.

This is a very interesting thread with good suggestions.
This is what I do:

  • Wait till night to buddy play, pic, berry, fight Grunts;
  • Complete task, collect stardust from first catch;
  • Open and send gifts, focusing on the ones near 100k and paying more attention to the 50ks;
  • Change buddy in the morning to the one I’m working on depending on the day (Gira-O is 48.5; got Zekrom and Reshi best buddied, now Palkia to add to the roster; M2 is waiting for more XL);
  • Spin, spin, spin;
  • If weather isn’t to crazy (Polar), a local raid on the way to work.
    I’m also doing the ‘cheating’ but I’ve come to terms with it. What I do, and have convinced myself, is to set it to 20km. That way it probably gives the XL. Only 20km. The rest is on my feet as not lose the fun and encourage of walking.
    Someone was mentioning shifting buddies 20 times to have the last one with half distance for candy. Is that true?

Forgot to add one my alltime favourite: PVP! GL, I pass. UL, yes! ML, getting better and appreciate wins and noticing other players strategies.

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Love this thread idea. In order of least to most:

  1. Battling gyms.

No in game benefit at all. I only do this when a research line forces me to. Your standing still, locked out of doing anything else in game. The animations take way too long, it can glitch and kick you out and all for no benefit.

  1. Leaving pokemon in gyms.

Marginally better than #1. The biggest problem with gyms is that, after clearing one out, they are very easy to lose since you only put one pokemon in to defend it. On the other hand, if someone on my team cleared a gym, I feel obligated to help them defend it long enough for them to get coins. The coins themselves, for me, are nearly worthless. 50 cents a day, considering what I make per hour working, is not even worth the time to load the gym, choose a defender, and click out.

  1. Sorting out item bag.

This doesn’t take long. I have set values for all the items, it only gets a little tough when I build up too much rare candy or rare xl candy (then there’s the tough decision on where to dump it).

  1. Levelling up Megas.

I always forget about this, and only have 7 or 8 at max level. I only ever do it at the cost of free and usually only remember to do 2 a day.

  1. PvP

I do enjoy PvP and spend a fair amount of time hunting for PvP mons, powering them up, researching good teams, etc. But I don’t actually do that much PvP. The trouble I find is connection issues, so I only do PvP when I have time to focus on the gameplay and am on wifi. The rewards of PvP are actually pretty meh. I try to get past lvl 20 for the free elite TM but the real benefit is stardust. Pokemon encounters are random, so raid passes and time would be much better spent on raids - where you get to choose the reward.

  1. Hatching eggs.

I always have an egg hatching. I’m pretty good about that. But is there any real benefit of hatching eggs? The 10k pool is pretty decent right now. But everything else is just in the way. As soon as an egg starts hatching I get visibly annoyed, because it’s in the way of game play, and even the trick to speed up the animation only cuts the time in half. And sometimes, I don’t even get a hatch notification and end up getting an undesirable egg because I didn’t know I had a slot open. The only real benefit of hatching eggs is the stardust, as the odds of getting something good from an egg are far too low to consider of value.

  1. Opening/sending gifts.

It’s a bit tedious, but there are some benefits. Lucky trades are appreciated and I like to build up to best friends/help people gain XP. Then they also added Scatterbug to make this more worthwhile. I take some level of pleasure with picking a postcard for a friend and pairing it with a good sticker (that matches aesethically) and I think the postcard book could prove useful, in the future, to remember past events or trips friends took etc.ive only cleared that out once, so it’s a bit of a mess.

  1. Daily raid.

I have to put this somewhat low, although I do find raids fun, because I do not use all of my daily raid passes. Time is money, and the time to find a raid, get enough people (if needed) and wait through the lobby time is money wasted unless the rewards are there. Despite some raid passes being free, it’s not always worth the time to use them. That said, when raids are fun they can be very fun. Raid hour and raid days are high points of the game for me.

  1. Sorting out pokemon storage/ checking IVs

I like collecting things, and there is something relaxing about organizing my collection. That said, I don’t let this build up as a mess. I IV check and transfer immediately upon catch and seeing the in game IV has become so second nature that I transfer a lot of pokemon subconsciously. It needs to have a 15 somewhere. For raid IV/ Collectable pokemon, I’m looking for two 15s and everything over 10 or shiny. That takes seconds to determine. For PvP IVs, there are usually specific pokemon I am hunting and I will take a few more seconds to decide on those, but most of the time that 15 defense and high HP/low Atk, so easy to spot.

  1. Field Research/Spinning pokestops

Much better than eggs for dust, rewards, and pokemon. I trash a lot of research tasks because I don’t care for the reward, or the ask is much too great for the slim reward. But that control on what you are getting and the ease of finding them/time spent make this better than eggs or raids. I don’t mind that a pokemon is very low level if it has the right IVs, then it is worth the cost to power up. I have maxed from level 15, I have even maxed from level 2.

  1. Interacting with Buddy.

I don’t enjoy this, it’s very tedious. But I do it all of the time. It is nice to add a ribbon to my very best pokemon (see:collection) as well as powering them up. But there are benefits and this fits nicely with other aspects of the game. Buddies help you win raids (get stronger), gain candy and XL candy, catch pokemon. I do battles with leaders, PvP, raids, and rocket grunts as a means of getting the buddy hearts for battling. My technique is to be buddying 10-11 pokemon at a time and then target 6-9 hearts per. Definitely the berry, photo, play, and 3x battle hearts and sometimes the walk, bonus, or new stop one.

  1. Catching Pokemon.

Always be catching.

Sums up PvP quite well for me. I enjoy the journey far more than the destination. Only thing I’d disagree with is the dust, I’ve never thought the dust rewards were worthwhile for the time - but then I’ve always felt like it’s a job.

I’m not really enamoured with any of the egg pools, a few of the 10k are good for xl but this is where I think the dust gets better. 12k eggs are the winner there. Battle 6 rockets and a leader, get a 12kegg and hatch it, you’re probably beating the GBL dust rewards and have chances to catch decent shadows, plus all the usual stuff you catch, spin and hatch walking round.

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I completely agree. I’ve been hatching 12ks pretty hard sine they showed up and the dust and XL candy is impressive (the XP helped me get to 50), but by now I have more XL candy for all of those pokemon than I could ever imagine having a use for.

The downside of the 12k is that they will never have certain pokemon in them that I would love to be able to grind as well as I have the darkies.

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I like being able to chose what eggs I have by stacking 12km (or 7km when they have good stuff) but I agree, it would be really nice to be able to get some variety like is in the 10km eggs. Mostly I just want to be able to throw away the 5km eggs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Those are the worst! Not much better 'mon than the 2km (anymore) and take more than twice as long. At least the 2km are quick and can help with those “hatch X eggs” tasks.

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I know what you mean about the xl, I have two Sh.TTars at 50 and can just about L50 two more regular ones, which will be my two Mega Ttars, but after that it’s very much a case of waiting for a female salandit for more trade leverage.

I think with the 12ks, unless you’re actively after something else in other eggs, they’re great to be hatching while playing generally, so you’re not missing anything and you don’t have to try and juggle delayed hatches and spinning stops to avoid getting those evil 2 and 5k eggs.

2k eggs I completely agree. They are easy to hatch but have no benefit of doing so (outside of completing a task/getting the achievement). Nothing goo hatches from them and they give negligible candy/dust.

5k eggs are also not worth it, as stated above. Though I am a fan of hatching starters. One of my goals is to max a hundo of every starter. More often than not, what hatches out is garbage.

There is the chance of shiny on all baby forms from. 5s and 2s, the odds are not good, but they are nice trade fodder. Loved 7s when there were decent odds of getting Riolu or Darumaka.

Like most people, I run the 2s and 5s through the universal incubator until I get a full load of 10s and 12s. Then, I actually use purchased incubators so as to hatch all at once and time them with a starpiece for extra benefit. The tendency is to have the 10s and nine 12s.

Consistently, the 10k hatches are good and the 12s are trash. Within the 12s, there see goo hatches available. I agree that Larvitar is likely the best. I have three hundos, just one maxed (Rock moves) and enough XL candy to push three more. But why? It’s not the best at anything, it’s good enough to do a max Mega for rock and maybe a max shadow for rock and dark.

I could really go for Houndour I’m the 12k pool. I don’t need any Houndour, but it is the best Mega dark and likely always will be. I like Absol in the pool. It’s at least worth maxing one for a Mega. Certainly, if it was a shundo.

Pawnaird, Scraggy, and Vullaby are all good Ultra League pokemon maxed out. They are worth having one of each (maybe a maxed, nonevolved Vullaby for GL). So also good hatches.

Deino had its community day, where I got tons of XL candy, but it’s still a good hatch. That still leaves a lot of trash in the 12ks. Even Salandit, is a waste considering the odds are so low and they will eventually release a shiny, making us do all of this again with worse odds. Given the rarity of the female, Salandot should not be in the top tier, that’s just Niantic being a dick.

  • Catching pokemon
    Always do this
  • Spinning discs
    Yes - I have to do this to collect gifts
  • Opening sending gifts
    Yes - I need the bonus xp from friendship levelling
  • Daily raid
    Occasionally, depends on where i am and what I’m doing
  • Leaving pokemon in gyms
    Of course. Coins are always needed. I can usually find a couple of gyms with spaces. If not, it’s only a couple of minutes to take one down.
  • Levelling up megas
    Batch levelling . I have a 7-day group and a 5-day group tagged, that get levelled up as soon as possible each week
  • Trading
    Occasionally with the 2nd account
  • Battling in pvp
    Not this season. Most seasons I’ve got to level 20, but this season I couldn’t be bothered. I guess I got bored with it, and the lack of legendary reward pokemon last season
  • Sorting out item bag
    Once a day
  • Sorting our pokemon storage
    As and when needed.
  • Battle grunts
  • Interacting with your buddy
    Current buddy is best buddy and being walked for xl candies so there’s not a lot of interaction right now
  • Checking IVs
    Done when catching
  • Field tasks
    Depends where I am and what I’m doing
  • Battle train with Candela and company
    No. I got the platinum trainer badge. No need to do any more

This methodology is very accurate !

Now I will chime in my playstyle.

  1. Catching Pokémon = 10; this thing can be done on regular basis, and I keep going for those whom I want to build.

  2. Spinning Discs=2; no Pokéstops near me, only when I visit the city I spin the disc.

  3. Gifts=9; I do this, because I can get XPs as well as goods from gifts :gift:.

  4. Raid=1; I want to do raids but no one raids hereabouts. Hence I join for remote raids for some personal favorites.

  5. Gym=9; I do this whenever possible. This serves me to increase battle won numbers, and defending gyms gives me precious coins for remote raid passes !

  6. PvP=10; I do this as this is the only thing I can enjoy despite playing alone. Except Master League, I play all formats, and am always ready for PvP friend challenge, though no one does that :laughing:

  7. Item Bag=8; I need to do this, as my bag storage is around 550. Hence every space is precious !

  8. Pokémon storage=8; Same as above, but space is lesser than previous one. It also helps me to look out for Pokémon those need my attention.

  9. Grunts=7; I battle grunts and leaders only for those Pokémon whom I need. I nonchalantly skip grunts who give weedle, skorupi etc…

  10. Buddy=7; I keep those Pokémon as buddy who has some utilities for me. And I usually make many buddies just to see how those big Pokémon looks on map.

  11. Field tasks=7; Finish those which I receive daily, some Pokéstops offer good one as well, but many are poor, I.e something like catch 10 pokemon for 5 berries.

  12. Team Leader=5; it’s boring but I play this for buddy leveling, trying mega evolved, checking PvP capabilities(attack, tankiness). Sometimes leader battle rewards with rare candies and golden berry as well.

  13. Eggs=3; It automatically hatches when the time comes. As I only have 1 free incubator, hence process is boring. I had already used all super incubators and all of them resulted in bad Pokémon.

  14. Snapshots=5; do this on Community Days !

  15. Avatar styling=7; Sometimes Niantic offers free dresses, hence I always look for them to try out. Obstagoon CD was done by me on huge extent just to get dresses !

  16. Cheating=0; I don’t do this as I fear to be get banned, and if that happens I will give up the game.

  17. Trading=2; No one for trading with me. Only one friend trades with me, but he has low level and he only trades with me to collect good Pokémon and in return he gives me his trashes. I genuinely need global trading system (GTS).

  18. Exploring area=0; if I am out to explore area, I will not use Pokémon Go for it. Google maps serves here better.