Damage and Hits

A bit confused about the Hitrate of Cards vs Damge. ( Not acounting for Class Advantage)


Scathach and Raikou have almost equal Atk.

Scathach hits 6x with a Buster, Raikou hits only 1x

Now Raikou has Madness Enhancement EX and Divinity C so she deals more Damage with a single hit than Scathach. But since Scathach hits 6x isn´t she better?

The # of hits per attack has no effect on the total damage of an attack. The total damage is spread out among them.

So if both do 13.000 DMG , Scathach does it with 6x whike Raikou does it with 1x?

Is the only Advantage of multiple hits Np/Star Generation then?

As you said, ignoring passives and class modifiers, two buster cards with the same attack hit for the same amount.

Hitcounts come in with star drops and NP gain.
Stargen is calculated per hit, so you have a, say, 30% chance per hit to drop a star. In that case, Scathach will make a lot more stars than Raikou.
NP gain is also per hit, so if you have a 0.5% NP gain per hit from starting with an arts card, Scathach will generate 3% NP and Raikou will generate 0.5%.
This is why higher hitcounts are better, especially on quick and arts cards, though buster cards can also make stars, i.e. Raikou’s NP. Overkill hits also have an additional bonus to generation stats.
Note that these numbers are made up and don’t reflect the actual game, please look up the actual generation numbers.
TouhouSniper98 on youtube recently put out a video explaining these hidden mechanics better than I can here. Though watch out as several people on the forum don’t like him for a bit of a foul mouth.

Now, the way you asked the question makes me think that you’re not fully aware of class modifiers.
First off, normal class advantage is 2x. Bersekers do 1.5x to everything instead.
An additional multiplier to that is that Berserkers have a hidden 1.1x modifier. So they actually do 1.65x damage to everything.
Lancers have a 1.05x, Archers have 0.95x, Assassins and Casters have an 0.9x modifier, Avengers and Rulers also do 1.1x, and everything else is neutral.
Then you also multiply by the passives. Raikou has 12% buster eff from Mad Enhancement, that’s actually a 1.848x multiplier on her buster cards, though this one is additive with other buffs. That means that where Scathach does 2000 on an archer target, Raikou does 1848 damage. This is usually below average, but remember that Assassins and Casters would do 1800 damage to an advantage target.
Again, please look into the hidden mechanics, it will definitely answer your question better.


I have to say, I am used to the existence of hidden internal modifiers in games, but they still kind of annoy me. It just feels like a newb trap, or a tax on people who aren’t huge nerds and enjoy reading spreadsheets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain stuff like this to new players in other games, and every time they’re like, “Where does it tell you this stuff in-game?” and I have to reply, “Uh, nowhere. You just have to find out about it from other players.”

I mean, why have the 0.9% class modifier be a hidden value, when you could very easily just change the attack value listed on the card? Sure, people might find it strange that they aren’t getting exactly +2,000 Attack from their CE, but that would at least motivate them to seek information. The way it is now, the poor newbie just assumes attack is attack, and can’t understand why it’s so much harder to get good performance from their caster servants.

And don’t even get me started on the hidden trait modifiers…