Damage Plus, how important is it?

Taking Wavers Damage Plus into consideration.
Could you convert the Damage Plus to 3-4% extra attack if the Sevant has 12-15k dmg?

So Wavers Rally skill gives effectively 33-34% attack?

Also is the any perticular use for damage plus?
I find it more usefull for Enemies since they deal way less damage to you and 500 can go a long way. ( kinda Like 1000 Curse damage per Turn which i find next to useless as a player)

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I think it’s basically irrelevant most times but in one of the challenge quests, a boss had a lot of damage reduction and damage plus is flat dmg so not affected by reduction. In those cases, it’s helpful


Damage cut is good when enemies have relatively weak face cards since the cut is by a given amount, making for potentially 0 damage in the event that a light blow is both resisted by defensive advantage and mitigated by a damage cut. Naturally this kind of defense does basically nothing against very large hits, which is where %-based mitigation can sometimes help. I say “sometimes,” because DEF stacking becomes much more difficult as a strategy since you need to maintain ludicrous amounts of it to mitigate NPs and huge face card crits.

Damage Plus is, as andylong1014 described, only situationally useful. More damage is more damage, but adding a flat +175 to your 12k hit isn’t terribly impressive.


Damage plus is just additional damaged tacted on at the end. Divinity and Wavers 3rd skill gives flat damage at the end of the calculation.
an example you attack for 3000 depending on the level of divinity it’ll add onto that 3000 making it 3200 or so.
its not too important so dont worry about trying to add a lot of damage plus.

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Short answer: no

Long answer: once in a blue moon we get a CQ where damage plus is a (piece of) a solution but usually ignore def/Holmes are better and more efficient answers.

But damage is damage is damage. It never hurts. But DoT is more useful and DoT is pretty useless outside of stall

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Other then that one summer cq with the defense buff that ignored defense ignore buffs (yea that’s a mouthful) not really any use

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As mentioned above, certain situations where the enemy has absurdly high defenses that are either difficult to or cannot be overcome directly.

Asides from that, I find it more useful for when someone is just starting out since an additional 500 flat damage is helpful in those times when your own Servants only do a few hundred points of damage per card. Once you start leveling your Servants it becomes pretty much negligible and unnoticeable that it’s even there. :woman_shrugging:


Plus damage? That isn’t really important that just ads a flat amount of damage to the damage that you do

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The reason flat damage boost is mostly useless aside of a few gimmicky fights is because it is, well, a flat damage boost. When you start out, it can be theoretically useful; if your servants are doing 2-3k damage with their face cards against enemies with 30-50k health (read: bosses in Orleans), adding an extra 500 flat damage on top of that is a sizable increase netting you at least 1500 extra damage per turn. However, when you are buff-stacking and your face-cards are doing 10k damage (or, during events with damage CEs, 30k+), that 500 extra damage becomes statistical noise.

I really wish flat damage boosts were per-hit instead of per-card. That way, a servant with a 5 hit quick card would suddenly deal 2.5k extra damage, which is no longer negligible, and for servants with 10 hit NPs, it would actually help hitting some damage benchmarks much easier.

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I remember defeating the crabs challenge quest (the one that sane people used sherlock) with kid gil’s divinity and a flat damage plus ce.
Its not that useful but fun to pull off

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