Damage Reduction

Do skills such as Spurn, Frenzy, and Close Call calculate base Speed, or can they stack with other skills too?

For example, if the skill Odd/Even Speed Wave was in effect, would the Damage Reduction reduce damage taken even further?

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Dodge skills (Spurn, Frenzy, Close Call, etc) use in combat stats, which means the visible stats + visible buffs (from waves or hones) + invisible stats (from drives and skills) + visible debuffs (from chills and such) + invisible debuffs (from reins or the new Close Call 4).

They can also stack, but the damage reduction is calcucalted multiplicative. So if you have two sources of dodge (say Spd Smoke 4 + Close Call 3) and have enough speed to get the 40% reduction, then you will get ~ 0.56% damage reduction on every hit.

Edit: GVader has the right numbers.


All stat DR skills/effects all look at in combat stats (aka everything thats active on the unit, buffs, skills, support, etc.), this goes for True DR as well and all stacks multiplicative. 2 40% effects won’t grant you 80%, but instead you’d do 40% 100 = 40, then 40% 60 = 24, then 40 + 24 for a total of 64% DR.