Damn, I overestimated how much she's fallen off

So most everybody here knows by now that I have a Clair that I invested in because I adore Clair. I used her heavily in the early days, but haven’t really used her much since Masquerade Elidgan joined my ranks because I’d felt like she’d fallen off in usefulness. But since she’s hands-down the most invested unit I have for the weekly Arena lineup, I decided to dust her off a bit.

Hot damn, was I wrong.

I just did my Arena runs and this madlass is just up and brawling with Brave Hector, Duo Myrrh, Halloween Grima…

Units that. By my measure, should have been wiping the floor with her.

Maybe I should update her a bit. Reroll or redraw her stats, maybe give her a Surge if I have any. Hell, I still have that F!Lilith that I haven’t decided what to do with. I could give her A/S Catch and SPD Smoke, both of which she could use nicely!


Idk about Clair but Caeda is basically the same unit lol and she is still good so :feh_lucyshrug:

They’re still pretty good and armor/cav eff has aged pretty well ngl :fgo_mordredthink:


Always good to see a favourite proving their worth. And always worth investing in favourites too, she would do well with Lilith’s fodder for mixed phase dodging work. If you’ve no more obvious unit wanting her, make an old favourite better.


I got a +10 Clair very long ago too, but because I got pitybroken by her literally like 7 times. I ran Muarim this week instead because she won’t be a bonus while trying to maintain T21 anyway and I don’t feel like updating her either. But Shiida still puts in a lot of work for me, so I’d expect her to still be viable as well.


Clair is much better in today’s meta with all the new (and expensive) skills we have today.

You can’t go wrong with armor + calvary effectiveness and Flashing Blade prf on a flier seeing how dominant horses and armors are in the game.

Trace, Flow skills, Surge skills and Hold skills are really good on her which gives her better matchups and more options to choose from.

All Clair needs is a resplendent and an alt.




Not just the Dodge from the Smoke, but her Pegasus Flight also runs a SPD check, so that 13 extra SPD would help her proc the effect against non-armors as well, while Catch would give her more of the ATK she desperately needs and even more SPD. By my count, she’d be looking at 68 SPD. I’d say that’s a solid place to run a SPD check from, giving her Pegasus Flight’s effect against anything with 61 SPD or less. Maybe not the best place for a check these days, but still really good.


Preach these words. :feh_navarreculture:

Mine also is +10 and runs a DW, Pegasus Flight build and she’s deceptively bulkier than she looks.


Dude. Yes.

Nevermind stats, she needs the art upgrade badly. Her art just doesn’t do her justice, especially when you compare it to this:


please :feh_ikecry:


Well, we know what her Resplendant should be.

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I got a +10 Clair, she used to be in my Arena core, but not anymore cus she was disappointing.

I used her this week (should manage to maintain T21, which is exceptional for me, cus i never have the scoring for it, but a +10 bonus unit sure helps).

Pegasus flight seemed bad B slot, she get either out-res-ed (if the target is bulky) or out-sped -(if the foe is speedy) very often. Phantom res only score 200 (i think we need a 240 scoring sacred seal, but idk i suck with scoring stuff, since i hate it), so didn’t use that.

Clair only use this week was to bait L!Lilina, sadly without distant counter cus she was running a B Duel Flying 3.

Meta unit are also so damn opressive when they have a dancer/a chrom and range cav that os your whole team, and all you have is a few rally xd.

Gosh i hate Arena.
Worst mode ever.
Most P2W mode.