Damnit, RNG Gods laugh in my face again

I know I get my share of the good and the bad in the long term, as we all do, but having had my first day to hunt shadow Tangela and Sneasel I don’t expect miracles but one shadow Makuhita, something I really like but have no use for and I get this…damn you RNG Gods. I just had to laugh straight back at them, because I’m going to power it up anyway.


Hariyama has always been a good Fighting type attacker but Machamp was around for so long that people just didn’t bother.

Machamp has a better attack stat (higher DPS), Hariyama has a better stamina… so it just what you need most at that moment but both are great fighters and easy to get

Yep, you’ve both summed it up bang on the point. I liked to anchor my fighting teams with a Hari.

I was really disappointed when the stat rebalance happened (late '18?) that shifted the balance firmly in favour of champ. But who cares I said it was happening and so…


If you hadn’t powered it up already I would have suggested purifying it instead.

Hari was the key to me winning against Arlo when Rocket Leaders first came out, due to his higher bulk. I just feel that being shadow it will live in a regular Machamps shadow due to losing the only thing it had going for it without gaining the damage needed.

I’ve got Hariyama already from many years ago that are well levelled, I’m knee-deep in multiple fighting types of all varieties, I had no need to invest in Conk but I did, a lot. So I suppose this was another fun bit of variety for me whilst I wait on for June. I await the end of the season (of legends) and what comes next with great interest, not to mention 06th June itself of course.

I’m going to wager that Shadowing Hariyama is actually even better than Machamp. The reason being Hariyama gets most of its bulk from HP so the defense drop isn’t as noticable. Should have the higher DPS without the dip in TDO. 5/5 would suggest keeping as Shadow :smile:

Well, I’ve got both, so I might let them have a shot at TTar while it’s around for fun.

Be a bit like the old days, but with shadows.

Edit: Just taken this from Pokebattler vs Ttar, Champ by a whisker.


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Still never got a shadow hundo 3k battles. I only have 181 XL candy, would cost 360 XL…3500 regular candy, so nope;) 615k to take to level 50. I have 800k stardust for first time in 4.8 years of playing

That 14/14/14 was the best I think I’ve ever had but given the rarity, I was happy to go for it.

Without playing PvP, which I know pays dust but also drains it with regular move shifts and cups etc, plus having a fairly well optimised PvE roster, I’ve amassed so much dust I can afford to plough it into fun side projects like the above. I do still need another couple of hundred XL for to get it to L50, but that’ll come in time.

On a tangent, I found that having had practically no dust for years, when I started to amass it, I kept building - because I think, as per my above paragraph, there’s no longer a constant need for investment. It’s a nice situation to be in, but also a bit of a disappointment at times. Very much going to enjoy the triple XP for the next few days though, hopefully I can get somewhere close to L49.

Shadows are strong enough as they are, I personally don‘t think one needs to take them over 40. I‘d guess most good Shadows on 40 still perform better than Non-Shadows on 50. But if the cost is worth it for you, then I‘d go ahead I guess.

More luck, I got a 15/15/14 shadow Venonat finishing the quest…The best shadow Beldum I ever got…thanks Arlo

It is expensive, but for the loss of bulk, if I can afford it I find going to L50 with shadows offsets it somewhat.

But it is definitely a luxury, rather than a necessity.

Maxed , BBed and 2 moved my 15/15/14 Shadow Ttar. Zero regrets.

Smack down or bite?

Bite. Better in Master and clean Grunts pretty fast.

Dito here, but only using it for grunts right now.
I wonder if SD is soon better in ML with all the high lvl fliers (Dragonite, yveltal, togekiss, Gyarados). Guess with double steel counters (decent Gira matchups) it’ll work. Maybe even XL garchomp and rhyperior as team mates :D

In the OG ML, I used Bite T-tar and it worked decent (because of all the psychics and high neutral damage) but I agree, if/when Yveltal becomes popular in ML, I could see SD being the better choice, as long as you have some hard-counters to steel (Bite T-tar beats Metagross in the 1-x shield but loses hard with SD).

Bite Ttar lose hard only 0 shields with all steels. Wins 1-1 and 2-2 with Dialga Metagross, win 2-2 Excadrill( pretty close one) and even can beat Melmetal in 2-2, if shield correctly.Most Gyarados run DB, and if no AT, win 0 and 2 shields. Even with AT wins 0, soft lose in 2. Vs Dragonite also win 0, and 2 is extremely close. Probably can win 2-2 Yveltal. Hardest enemies are Togekiss, Groudon, Fighters and Kyogre.

I would try it, but havent 50 lvl mons bar Dragonite, but then this duo cant touch Fairy . Im close to max perfect Magnezone, but not sure, it will have much play there.

How can shadow bite ttar win vs melmetal? Melmetal gets to two charged moves before ttar can get to one.