Dante or BB summer?

Hello there! I have 1080 sq and 80 tickets spare after saving 4 skadi and yes i got her in a few rolls but after that all my resources got depleted… Bcoz this is my 1st time getting 2 ssr at d same time sakdi and merlin from gssr… Gem,ascension materials, xp cards, qp(my 1st time qp hell) all near extinction so i start farming like hell and burn out i mean really burn out so i wish to hear u if u in my shoes what do u do? Roll for bb and maybe luck bless us and got heroineX as a package or try np2 dantes coz i hear a lot people saying he at least need to np2 to function well… FYI i also dont have waver. My skadi lvl 90 but 1/1/1 huhu… Really tired OR u have other servants that u think better for my saving… #f2pExceptGSSRonlyhuhu

I’ll go for BB Summer. I wasn’t present during the 4* BB event and I’d still want to have a Moon Cancer at least. Also, the only Extra class Servants I have are Mash and Salieri.

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Standard advice:

If you have to ask which SSR to roll for, you shouldn’t roll at all. SSRs are extremely expensive investments, you should only attempt to acquire ones you are enthusiastic about.


If this is the case then roll for waifu/husbando/love and not gameplay. There are no “absolute must-have” Servants in this game. Game-changing and meta-defining, yes. But none of them are absolutely necessary to be able to play through the game.

NP1 Dantes is fine. The only reason people say that he “needs to be NP2 to function well” is because they are talking about 3-turn farming things like Gilfest and such where enemy mobs in the second and third waves have fairly high HP, not to mention the mid-boss in the second wave and the boss in the third wave.

If you wanna just use him to farm stuff like embers, QP, and free quests with low to mid HP mobs, then NP1 is perfectly fine. NP2 is better, yes (it always is), but not completely necessary.


Thanks for d response… Good luck to u

Well i really dont have anything in particular that i feel enthusiastic enough except for arjuna alter(still long to come) and hokusai(already got him) btw thanks for d reply…

I think that BB is a better option, she is more fun to use and isn’t depend of Skadi to be good, and she give you a unique mechanic


Well i dont have husbando or waifu issues bcoz i already got who i want hokusai and medusa hahaha… But thanks for dantes info… Appreciate it!

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Yeah i think that 2 but still conflicting with dantes bcoz he can help me farming easier but your opinion will be weight in… And bb second ascension is Mastarpiecesss! Thanks


Then don’t roll. That’s what I was saying. Save your quartz and don’t end up spending the equivalent of hundreds of dollars on something you don’t know if you want.

FGO is a marathon, not a sprint. You will discover new servants you love (not necessarily as waifus, maybe just design or mechanics-wise) and you will be glad you have quartz saved for them.

Exercise restraint, Wallet-kun will thank you.


Haha… I have been saving for skadi around 1200 sq and 60 tickets than i got her in 2 multi rolls and 30 tickets… I only rolls at least 10 tickets in banner that i interested to quench my thirst… Thanks for your advice btw…


BB summer’s skills are kinda perfect and is a good roll.

But she is kind of niche if you dont have the necessary servants to make use of her card lock.

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Hurm well that her downside thats why i still thinking about dantes or bb coz i got skadi and i dont have the necessary servants to make good use of her

You could try throwing half and half because they are SSR you have a small chance unless you want to waste all of it in 1, but you are telling us that is just thirst and not that you particularly want one of them. Dantes NP2 is ideal if you want to fight against enemies with 70k and more and even then you still need a little bit of power (If you have Waver then you are bless and you dont even need NP2, i think), but NP1 Dantes makes 50k per enemy without problem

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I’ve decided to skip both unless there’s something else on their banners that makes me want to roll some.

The other Quick loopers can be used to farm almost any standard content that Dantes could run aside from CQs (Dantes is close to a must-have for players wanting to DSS without a superscope or MLB Magical Girl, though).

BB Summer’s gimmick is unpredictable. If you only care about her gimmick, you’re probably using a plugsuit and hiding her in the back line in case of a really favorable card draw. If you happen to like her and plan to use her normally as well, she has a lot more value.


I probably will be crucified for this, but I think BB summer’s gimmick is overrated. For sure it is unique and makes for great meme videos, but in practice not everyone is into resetting to wait for the perfect hand.

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Well i haven’t seen people saying that is the next meta killer, it’s just unique and fun to use. So i dont think people are gonna be mad if you dont care about it



Since you will more than 1290 effective Sq by the time the banner rolls around give 600 sq to both of them if you will be fine with np1.


Even though I have a decently levelled skadi I won’t be rolling for dantes. I am rolling for BB for the design and kit and her unique gimmick since I feel that the card rng factor is overblown.

If you want peak performance everytime then sure you will be dissapointed, but you don’t need a buster brave chain to make it worthwhile. There were so many times that I just wanted 3 buster cards to stay or even a brave chain.

PS: Take what I say with a grain of salt though as I have other quick loopers and waver so I don’t feel the need to roll for ‘meta’ servants(at least until arjuna alter)


Just throw a couple at each banner. The worst case scenario is you get nothing which could happen even if you threw all your SQ at them.

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