Dantes or Lancelot

I currently have Dantes at NP1 and Lancelot at NP5 with no MLB Scope. Which of the two would be better for Skadi looping? Also, I have a Waver if I need the guy.

(LOL for asking this even though I have no Skadi).

Dantes and play this while you grind

(But actually just test it out you can use them both)

This is a compilation of Double Skadi systems you can try.

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Either? Do you have a regular kscope? Dantes can 3T with regular kscope and the Mage’s Association mystic code. Lancelot can with Waver + plugsuit. I don’t play JP but my impression is that Dantes is the gold standard of Skadi farming and he can loop even at NP1. But since you have the Waver to make Lancelot work he will probably hit damage benchmarks that Dantes can’t.


Neither of them have particularly demanding mat requirements.

Actually, since you have Waver you have a bunch of options if you are willing to use plugsuit. You could do anyone from top or middle tier in the video that @yoursenpai. You could even do full (50% charge) event CEs with Dantes + Waver + plugsuit.

Personally I only have Nyanta and a dream of a day where I have an MLB kscope to Fran + BB.