Dantes v Lancelot: Dawn of Edgy Quick Memes

Just as the Skadi strom is starting to pass, a question still lingers in the air?

Who has the bigger edge and bigger potential to be usefull in general considering of course Rairity, Performance, etc. And because there isn’t an exact thread for this, i made this thanks to @jakeyb.

So let’s talk Quick memes.

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Dantes is the better one imo. He’s a lot more consistent and has a 3-turn NP gain buff over Lancelot’s 1-turn. And on the plus side Dantes only needs 1 Skadi to loop though a Waver and Para/Bride is needed

And an MLB Scope but let’s be real here, anybody who’s going for an efficient DSS set-up is going to use one. Especially event farming

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Isn’t the whole point that Dantes can Loop without a superscope?


Well yeah he can but from what I’ve seen an MLB scope is the most helpful for event farming since it frees up slots for event bonus and trust farming.

Edit: Oh and MC flexibility

I think doing the best possible scenario for either one is kinda hard when you’re weighing how both of them work.


If we’re going by even grounds then Dantes still has the upper hand for having better gen stats and that 3-turn NP gain buff. Lancelot from my tests using him on JP falls short by 1% a lot of times and could only get him running when I slapped a regular scope on him + Ascelpius.

Dantes is the strongest, no doubt in anyone’s mind. The thing is that most people will have him at NP1-2 and at that NP Level Zerkerlot (NP2-5) does more damage than him. Of course, most of that damage isn’t relevant for farming because he reaches a point (NP2) where he laughs at most HP thresholds (Superscope assumed).

For farming, the only limitation of Zerkerlot compared to Dantes are Berserker nodes and that his “floor” is higher (you require more to make it work at the most basic level).

For Hard Content, Zerkerlot is all damage while Dantes has Invul Pierce, Debuff Clear, NP drain, stackable def debuff on NP and he doesn’t have Berserker glass jaw. So yeah.

What NP Level is yours because that’s a big factor?

NP2 Dantes has roughly the same damage that NP5 Lancelot has without class advantage, so that in itself does give the count an advantage but having an NP1 Dantes, let alone NP2 is kind of a tall order for most.

NP1 sad to say. I know at NP2 he’ll be able to push for more due to overkill but that’s my limitation on that.

He can do work on NP1, specially if you stack more buffs on him (I.E: Waver) but the whole point of DSS is to make it as simple as possible with minimal buffs outside of the two Queens of Ice.

Getting more NP Levels on an SSR is always a risk.

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There is another point where you can carry event ces, which in my eyes is very very useful.

And that’s where Lancelot falls flat on. His NP gen even after the 2 Skadi buffs is still on the low end with his only means of patching it lasts for 1-turn which in turn means overkill is going to be his saving grace. Outside of casters and low HP riders Lancelot is going to need more buffs in order to hit overkill much easier.


NP5 Zerkerlot: ~233k (average with x1.5)

NP2 Dantes: ~199k (average at neutral)

Dantes outdamages him against Berserkers/Rulers by a huge margin though.

Yes, Dantes on the whole is better at looping, no doubt about that.

The problem is damage, because even with his NP Buff, he simply will have problems dealing with enemies over 100k health and that’s where Class Adavantage comes in.

Lancelot’s NP Gen sucks but the numbers he can pull off are insane and are much higher than Dantes.

Yes but Berserkers are the bane of DSS.


Not really, Parvati loops them no sweat and Dantes overkills them with ease.

The number is relevant though, two berserkers in one wave is a tall order. The other day i had that with Parvati, she refunded exactly 39% (exactly the amount she needs to loop with her NP charge+Skadi50%)…and i reduced the HP to one of them with cards, so you can imagine.

Zerkerlot is “better” in the sense that he is far more accessible, as you can get him from SR tickets, so getting him to NP2+, where he can deal enough to damage to be competitive, shouldn’t be that hard.

Outside of that, it mostly comes down to stability versus NP damage output. Zerkerlot is going to be a less stable looper, but he can better deal with bosses in the third wave, while while Dantes is far more stable, but can falter on bosses if the RNG hates your guts.


That’s pretty much it.

Accessibility vs Performance.

There’s also the fact that both Dante’s and Lancelot’s upcoming Banners aren’t the best.


I will roll on the Dantés summer banner, but I will skip Zerkerlot’s Zero banner (as I don’t want Iskandar while Seiba is already NP3), and instead I will NP2 him with the SR ticket in November. Although, if I get lucky with Dantés, I might rethink the second part and go for someone else.

In that case, going for Dantes is a little bit easier if he’s already NP1 (and same thing with Lancelot) but on the case you have neither of them, it becomes harder to choose.

Don’t quote me on that tho.

The problem with that is that I only have 40-ish SQs remaining, so even if I buy a big pack, I will only have about 250-ish SQs by the time his banner rolls around, and I wouldn’t be able to roll for BB. But such is the gacha life, I suppose.

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