Dark Defense Setup

Ok, shameless steal, but I gotta say @Lysithea_is_bestgirl I love your set-up. It’s kinda really good. Just wanted to put that out there, I switched to this mid season and from T25-27 it was undefeated.


If I remember correctly, this defense has a big weakness. If you player phase Rhajat (or whoever you place in the far right) from where the Shrine is, and tank Veronica, she will get danced and Veronica will attack again. Then the left side will have trouble catching up, specially if you bait them towards the bottom left. In your case, I think your Micaiah will be baited alongside Veronica.

So yup, you might want to prepare for that.


Can you get to the shrine location on turn 1? Because it acts in a pretty big variety of ways for me

Ophelia will rally Veronica, start the movement, and someone inevitably moves down to attack.

Rhajat will rally Veronica, get danced, and move straight down to attack.

Veronica will restore either to the left or right, get danced, and move to attack.

And if you can’t one hit Rhajat, her flash effect will activate and prevent counterattacks for whoever comes next to attack the baiter.

Granted, no defense is perfect, but I think this is gonna be a mainstay until proven otherwise.


Hmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about so many rallies and a restore in the same defense. If Veronica restores left while the enemy is attacking right, it could hinder your defense. Has anyone tried to isolate Veronica or Micaiah?

Regardless, I can tell you this for sure: This defense layout looks deceptively easy. If your opponent doesn’t get what your defense is trying to do, you’re going to get easy wins.


Nope. You raise a good point though: being light/dark season Mila is a threat but as of yet no one’s tried to isolate Veronica.

Are you on my FL? Mind testing that out for me come tomorrow?


I’m not, gimme code. I’ll give it a try. :feh_altinawink:


giphy (5)


Added, my lead is L!Corrin.


you phucker…

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What, you don’t like her? :feh_elisad:


I do… I have her at +5 but I spent 1200 orbs to get 0 copies of her on this Mythic Banner so that wound is still really fresh. (Meanwhile it took 300 to get her to +5 along with 2 Mila and 5 Brams on her debut)


Wow, holy shit. I guess Lady Luck wants your luck to be very average.


Well… I did get something like 30 5* from this one so it’s still a good rate all things considered… But who TF wants Leif at +9?!


I feel honored that you got inspired by my AR-D :feh_lysitheacool:
(i’ve updated it today lol, i was about to ask for people to try it :fgo_bblaugh: )

Allow me to give my opinion :feh_bylethsmile: :

Kana AR-D compare

  • (1) Left corner : aether pot+ranged unit, you’re vulnerable to someone blocking Ophelia’s path. On left corner i use a melee frontline.

  • (2) Right corner : aether pot+ranged units, you’re vulnerable to someone blocking both rhajat’s and H!Micaiah’s path. On right corner i put no building.

  • I do understand that your aether pots are harder to get than mine, which is a good thing, but it also block your unit’s path. Your choice :feh_annawink:

  • (3) Tactic Room : can be put higher on the right side, and therefore be easier to defend, meaning the tactic room/Rhajat could both defend each other. Where your is, it is easy to destroy with a ranged unit.
    Also, B!Veronica is slightly on the right side of the map, meaning she will defend it better aswell.

  • Actually your Healing Tower is more efficient than mine (by its positionning). I chose to put catapult there instead to protect myself from tactic room lane 4, but that doesn’t happen too often. When it does happen 'tho, it is really annoying.

  • I’m no expert with rally, but when i have tryed it i didn’t like what the IA did with it :feh_genny_mug:

  • Nothing to say about traps, put them where you feel its needed :feh_altinawink:

  • Last but not least : you do you, i’m just offering my opinion :grey_exclamation:


There is a few flaws that i’ve tryed to patch over time.

Today i’ve tryed to make my Bramimond/Thrasir much more bulky, because sometimes a bulky unit would just stand under the tactic room after killing Bramimond/Thrasir, and B!Veronica moved on their position, and did not get danced where i wanted.

From now on both Thrasir/Bramimond should be much harder to kill by a bulky unit, or so i hope :feh_myrrhthink:
I have also made my dancers in dark season immune to Mila’s Isolate from turn 2, because she’s really annoying to deal with :feh_ohgod:

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You are right :feh_bylethsmile: , i have tryed to patch it today by making my Thrasir/Bramimond much harder to PP.

Glass canon can still do it, but they shouldn’t survive B!Veronica either, so that’s fine, i hope :feh_myrrhthink:


Great points. Trapping Ophelia is still gonna be an issue because I needed to shuffle things a bit to have a hardy bearing unit per side, but since Triandra has both aerobatics and guidance, she has methods of untrapping herself and others. But allowing more movement on the left side definitely seems necessary so thanks for that.

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